Will Mid Term Elections Come In India?

Rahul Respects The Advice Of Alagiri

Rahul Respects The Advice Of Alagiri
Rahul Respects The Advice Of Alagiri | Source
Rahul Respects The Advice Of Alagiri
Rahul Respects The Advice Of Alagiri | Source

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Can the Congress woo the Muslim votes in Gujarat if it implements a pension scheme for the Muslims?

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Will Mid Term Elections Come In India?

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Will Mid Term Elections Come In India?

Scam After Scam Affects Image Of The Congress

Scam After Scam Affects Image Of The Congress

There are talks of a mid term elections taking place in India. Even though these talks are mere speculation now, possibilities of a mid term parliamentary election taking place cannot be ruled out. In fact the reasons advocated for such a thing happening are strong. Normally, the ruling UPA front headed by the Congress Party can rule India till May 2014. But the Congress Party is getting weakened and losing its image because of the various scams in which its leaders are involved.

2G Scam Involved $40 Billion

When Nehru was the Prime Minister, he was not accused of any involvement in scams. But Indira Gandhi, his daughter was accused of involvement in several scams like Nagarwala scam. By today’s standards, Nagarwala scam was peanuts but still it rocked India in those days. Her son Rajiv Gandhi was accused of involvement in Bofors scam in which a few crore of rupees was involved. Even this Bofors scam is peanuts compared to today’s standards. Both Sonia Gandhi and Rahul have really progressed in scams. The 2G scam involve an amount of a whopping $40 billion. There are other mega scams like Coal scam, Adarsh Society scam and Commonwealth games scam.

Rahul Respects The Advice Of Alagiri

Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi try to shore up the popularity of the Congress by announcing schemes to woo the Muslims. But this ploy is also not working for them. Rahul Gandhi was advised by his best friend M K Alagiri of DMK to announce reservations for the Muslims during the Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections. But this move backfired. The Congress could not woo the Muslims away from Mulayam Singh Yadav. At the same time they lost the Hindu votes. But inspite of this, Rahul Gandhi considers Alagiri’s advices as very valuable and meticulously follows them. For winning the coming Gujarat Assembly elections, Alagiri is rumoured to have advised Rahul Gandhi to introduce a pension scheme for the Muslims. Rahul also believes that such a move will woo the Muslims in Gujarat towards the Congress. Sonia Gandhi is planning to rake up the issue of 2002 riots against the Muslims to defeat Narendra Modi. Sonia believes that by projecting Narendra Modi as a death agent, she can attract the Muslim votes in Gujarat. There are rumours that the Congress is thinking of waiving all the loans for the Muslims availed from banks and financial institutions. The DMK has been rumoured to have advised Rahul Gandhi to give a pension amount of Rs.2000 to every Muslim in India to win their votes. One does not know whether these schemes will work but Rahul Gandhi is attracted to these schemes as he has a lot of respect for the DMK and M K Alagiri.

Regional Parties Are Interested In A Mid Term Election

Because of the weakening of the Congress, the regional parties like Samajwadi Party, AIADMK etc are interested in precipitating a mid term elections so that they could strengthen their positions at the national level. For example, AIADMK is sure of winning all the forty seats in Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry. Samajwadi Party is anticipating winning at least fifty seats or more in Uttar Pradesh. Naveen Patnaik is sure to win the majority of the 20 seats in Orissa. Trinamul Congress is sure of winning the majority of seats in West Bengal.

Prakash Karat Feels Muslims Are Safe In The Hands Of Rahul Gandhi

But at the same time, Congress is not interested in mid term elections. It wants to loot more money in the remaining two years through various scams and does not want to lose this opportunity. The Congress is not sure of a support from the people or from its allies except the DMK. Only the Communists are supporting the Congress because they feel that the Congress is secular and the BJP is communal. Communists are openly canvassing for the success of the Congress Party as they want to prevent BJP from coming to power. Communists feel that if BJP comes to power, it will threaten the rights of the minorities and especially the Muslims. Prakash Karat and Biman Bose feel that the Muslims are safe in the hands of Rahul Gandhi. The principal opposition party BJP is also not interested in the mid term polls because it is not sure of a good performance under the present circumstances. Moreover the BJP is a divided house now.

Kalmadi Can Make More Money By Involving In Olympic Games

I feel mid term elections may not come in 2012. Whether it will come in 2013 or not cannot be forecast now. Only at that time the political situation will be known and any meaningful analysis can be made. Therefore the Congress is safe for the time being. They can use this time to make money in a few more scams to enrich their coffers. The coming Olympic games will offer them this opportunity. If the Congress entrusts all the responsibility of organisation of Indian Olympic team to Suresh Kalmadi, they can make a lot of money through this Olympic scam. Kalmadi is well experienced in siphoning off huge money from sports organising programmes. Luckily for the Congress, Kalmadi has come out of jail now. Kalmadi also felt bored in spending time in jail and now he is ready for ‘action’.

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