Will Ohio Senate Bill 5 Survive on November 8, 2011

A number of issues are on the ballot come November 8, 2011 in Ohio. One issue is getting much exposure. This involves Senate Bill 5 and the impact it has not only on the state but local governments if it is repealed by the voters. Understanding what the impact of this legislation is a key element in making a decision to vote either yes or no. I want to clearly state that I feel unions serve a great purpose not only for their members but also for the country in some respects.

It is true changes to some but not all collective bargaining rights have changed with this legislation. Whether these changes will remain in effect is now up to the voters in Ohio. I also feel that the issue should not be about which party has passed the legislation but the quality and objectives of what it hopes to accomplish. One thing that is clearly in place is the fact that the deficit that was in place before the election in November 2010 has now disappeared. This was no easy task and to do it without raising taxes is something which should be praised.

The key issue in this vote is whether government at all levels should have some control over the cost to fund the responsibilities and functions that citizens need. This is not meant to imply that unions are the sole reason for the deficit which was in place prior to the election. Many things affect the income of government one of which is the income it receives in comparison to what it needs. I believe that government should not spend more than it takes in. The tax income that is currently being received by governments at all levels is less than they were in the past. The key to increasing revenue is to create an environment which is beneficial to businesses. Creating a friendly business environment is needed in all states not just Ohio. In addition the federal government must do the same.

Creating a friendly business environment and the potential for jobs should not involve attempting to re-generate programs that have failed in the past. We have had economic downturns in the past and several actions at the time were successful and some were not. Those actions and what they accomplished is what is needed again to create jobs. Generating new tax revenue by raising taxes is not the answer; it is creating an environment to provide incentives for businesses to expand. The deficit which the state was facing prior to the election has been eliminated. The passing of this legislation and other actions is the reason the deficit disappeared. Ohio voters must decide whether they want to create an environment where taxes may need to be raised if they repeal this legislation or keep it in effect. While this may not become reality the conditions may be right for such an event. Some may say that this is scare tactics and to that I say it is not scare tactics if the facts are accurately presented.

Scare tactics have been used in advertisements about this legislation. These tactics should never be used in any election cycle. Truth is what is needed so the voters can accurately and reliably decide which way to vote. There are always going to be good points on both sides of an issue and deciding which is more beneficial is what voters must decide at the polls on November 8, 2011. Government must have the funds to perform their responsibilities to their citizens and in so doing they need to have some control over the expenses they will have to run the government. This legislation helps to give the state of Ohio that control.

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