Will THIS change Pakistan forever ?

Yousaf Raza Gilani - Prime Minister of Pakistan
Yousaf Raza Gilani - Prime Minister of Pakistan
The Supreme Court of Pakistan
The Supreme Court of Pakistan

Gilani Vs The Supreme Court of Pakistan ?

Well, I have lived in Pakistan for 24 years (my whole life) and have been following its politics for about ten years. NOW, what is this I hear these days of the Prime Minister being judged by a court ??? For the life of me! its a hard thing to believe. Well, don't judge me! This is exactly what's been happening up till now . . .

Throughout the history of Pakistan, from Bhutto to Pervez Musharraf the courts did not dare take such a bold stand but at last it seems the law has decided to be equal to all! I remember Benazir Bhutto decided to gift the only few air ambulances that Pakistan had (donated by the Red Cross) to her friends, how I wish the law would have started intervening since then.

None the less better to be late than never, I wonder what the implications of this act of judiciary would be ?

Hmm let's see:

Democracy AT LAST ?

DON'T be surprised! Yes, they told you (the people of Pakistan) that you were living in a free and democratic country but THINK! is democracy really possible in a country where the army, political parties and the Government have always had a HUGE unquestioned and unchecked influence in the Election Commission ? Hell no! its just like appointing a cat to guard milk! So, in reality, Pakistan, never had an unbiased election. But now, thanks to the free judciary the Supreme Court of Pakistan can question the credibility and un-baisedness of the Election Commission, so, hopefully, Pakistan is on its way to achieve real democracy!

Goodbye Corruption ?

Sadly, Pakistan has had a line of corrupt and selfish politicians whose only aim has been to take as much money from the treasury as possible, pack their bags and run for political asylum to our friends ( Britain, Saudi Arabia, USA) then head back to Pakistan for the NEXT elections, make a fool out the public by blaming it all on someone else and since their corruption was never brought to public attention in the first place, they would get in to power again but for the past four years I've noticed this trend of the Supreme Court pointing out all corruption and I admit that it hasn't gotten rid of the menace but now at least the people know too much about it to vote for the same corrupt politicians again. ( maybe I'm wrong 'cause they are EXCELLENT manipulators as well :( ).

Might was right, trust me!

People losing their property to the land mafia, living like slaves under the feudal system, let alone the feudals it was impossible to even raise a voice against your boss in fear of losing your job, again events in past years have proved that things are getting better in this regard as well and hopefully after the Prime Minister gets his piece of justice, the others, lower down the line, would realize that "justice WILL be served" no matter how 'well connected' they are! Its a little far fetched at this stage but I can a see a country where EVERYONE follows the system and thinks a zillion times before killing, misusing power or robbing someone off of their property.

Education & Lifestyle

WILL improve with the application of law. HOW ? Well, you see, if corruption sees an end in Pakistan then, Pakistanis are NOT poor! Yes, I'm very much sane and in my senses while writing this and I say so because Pakistan has scientists to boost technology and solve the pressing problems of energy shortage, HUGE natural resources of gold, coal, gas, copper and salt. Pakistan has one of the worlds biggest ( unexplored ) reservoir of oil . How the hell are they poor ? No, they've been kept poor by corrupt and feudal politicians so that they can be their slaves and they can keep feeding on these resources.

REMOVE the corruption and all the money from these resources flows into education, industry and infrastructure, creating jobs and indigenous products therefore leading to a good society and lifestyle of the individuals!

And last but not the least, Comment!

This has nothing to do with justice or corruption but I want to know what you think about the current situation in Pakistan and how much do you agree or disagree with me! So, comment freely!

P.S. I have also published this article at theageofpink.blogspot.com you can head there for more interesting articles if you like! Have a great day!!!

By the way . .

Do you think that free judiciary can result in a new and improved Pakistan ?

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