Will We Have a Public Option

Will We Have Public Option

I don't know if we will have a public option, but I know that we need something that balances off the private insurance companies. i wrote an article earlier about the public option.  I am writing this article because the initial insurance reform bill his passed through the Senate Finance Committee without a public option in the bill.  I still do not under why there should not be a public option.If we are having any health care reform why not go all the way and have something avaiable that is similar to VA Medical Center type healthcare.

The VA Healthcare System

The people who oppose a public option health insurance plan often points to the Department of Veteran Affairs as an example of why the public option is not a good plan.  Considering the amount of people the VA hospital serves the staff is doing an exceptional job of providing healthcare to our nations veterans. 

The veterans that are being treated do not have to pay for any services if they are service connected for their disability.  Even if they are not service connected the payment is very small compaired to that of the private sector.   If it were not for the VA Medical Center some of these veterans would be part of the 30 million or so people who are not insured.  Therefore, this is really a bad example for why we should not have a public option.

What Will the Public Option Do For Americans

During this week we have heard a lot about the health insurance professionals indicating that the cost of a policy will increase under the regulation that passed the committee this week.  I am a federal government employee and know for a fact that the insurance companies have raised the rates every year on each policy. Why should this report make any difference.  The insurance companies will raise the rates anyway.

I believe the public option is very important because at least there will be another option out there which will make the major insurance companies think about increasing premiums.  While I do not believe that the insurance company executives are mean or evil people, they are in the business to make as much money as possible.

We really need the public option health insurance to make sure that everyone can have a choice of what is best for their family.


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