Scott Walker And The Labor Unions

The Labor Unions Protest.

Wisconsin workers on the streets.

Soylent Green,is... People.and the Workers in Wisconsin That the Governor Wants to Strip Their Collective Bargaining Rights From, Is... Us, the Middle Class!!!

So Scott Walker has had several great accomplishments lately, first he has managed to mobilize a dormant and lethargic labor movement that realizes its very existence is in jeopardy,not only in Wisconsin but in all fifty states,with Wisconsin spearheading the attempt to demolish whatever is left of the powerful Labor Unions that lifted the working poor into the middle class, and therefore creating the most vibrant and largest by far economy on the planet.Second Scott Walker has made it perfectly clear to all who want to see that the issue was never about having the public employees contribute to their benefits or make economic concessions to help reduce the state deficit since the workers almost immediately agreed to these concessions but the governor Scott Walker's response was that there were no negotiations to be had except for the workers to agree for the Labor Unions to be terminated.Third , he has made it obvious that if you work for a living ,you put your eight to ten hours of hard work every day, you risk your life to contribute to the safety of your fellow citizens as is the case of firemen and police and you happen to earn more than minimum wage you are a greedy selfish bum that cares nothing about the economic well being of the state of Wisconsin and wish for it's bankruptcy.

Now the last point I would like to make is the fact that all these people that governor Scott Walker keeps trashing day in and day out on every talking head's show and Sly Fox news network IS US we are the middle class, we are the taxpayers there is no battle between taxpayers and workers we are both, and the way forward is not to drive the middle class into poverty its to move up in our economic capability and not down. Isn't it curious how the right wing nuts on the radio keep repeating that even the hint of raising taxes for the rich is anti american because they work hard for their riches and its their money and that's the american way to have as much as you can acquire through hard work and effort and intelligence(which I fully agree).But when it comes to workers or the middle class if they have wages that allow them a decent standard of living , say like autoworkers earning 28 to 70 dollars an hour, they will bring a whole industry down by their greed. or Public employees earning 18 000 to 100 000 dollars a year are the reason for budget deficits that will jeopardize our children's future?

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mio cid profile image

mio cid 4 years ago from Uruguay Author

If the republicans had any decency left on labor day they should go into hiding and not be seen in public because today is a holiday that celebrates what they consider their nemesis ,...the working man and woman.

LikaMarie 4 years ago

Very true, because it was a union that fought for the 40 hour work week, as well as having a safe work environment.

mio cid profile image

mio cid 4 years ago from Uruguay Author

what is also amazing is how people can vote against their own interest , if you are a worker even if you are a non union worker you are benefiting from the mere existence of a labor union,why would you support the elimination of them?

LikaMarie 4 years ago

Pretty hypocritical of them.

mio cid profile image

mio cid 4 years ago from Uruguay Author

Isn't it amazing how if a worker fights for a decent wage to support his family and not be homeless when he retires he is seen as greedy and wanting to bankrupt the poor businessman or corporation he works for, but if a millionaire or billionaire has to pay even a small increase in taxes the claim is he or it is trying to be put in the poorhouse?

LikaMarie 4 years ago

While I think Unions do have a time and a place, I don't think they're inherently evil like the Republicans state they are.

Being from Wisconsin, I do appreciate these blogs.

FitnezzJim profile image

FitnezzJim 5 years ago from Fredericksburg, Virginia

Didn't get back to this until now.

Actually I didn't know that they were deliberatley trying to prevent a quorum. But even if I had, it supports my point that they were deliberately reneging on their duty to represent.

In any case, it seems a judge has supported a position that something was not done properly, and Wisconsin now is in re-do mode. Hopefully both sides will remember that proper dialog and discussion is what our representaive system is about, and not about who can better manipulate the system to get the outcome they desire.

Which way it comes out matters less than both sides knowing that the majority is the basis for moving forward, rather than the greater noise-maker or the better manipulator.

mio cid profile image

mio cid 5 years ago from Uruguay Author

@FitnezzJim, come on now, you know better than that,you know that what they were trying to accomplish by leaving the state was to leave the state senate with not enough quorum to be able to pass the union busting legislation this is exactly what the workers in wisconsin wanted them to do so obviously they were in fact representing their constituents by fleeing the state.And now i would like to see how the republicans win wisconsin in 2012, that is just not going to happen. so here is another great achievement by governor walker, to put a state that was in play for 2012 solidly in the democrats column.

FitnezzJim profile image

FitnezzJim 5 years ago from Fredericksburg, Virginia

I have no opinion on whether Unions are acceptable or not.

I do know they deserve to be represented. The fact that 14 representatives reneged on their sworn duty to represent them is appalling. The fact that those same 14 now come back claiming 'it wasn't us, blame it on them' is a flat-out shameful, classic example of an attempt to use the 'shift the blame' tactic, reminiscent of a double-cross.

If you're going to represent, stand up and represent, don't hide from your duty.

HSchneider 5 years ago from Parsippany, New Jersey

There is now a huge backlash throughout the country. The GOP have far overstepped their authority and the Democrats, Unions, and Progressives are energized. Let's bring on 2012. The Republicans are only serving their wealthy benefactors. Not the people.

Donna Suthard profile image

Donna Suthard 5 years ago

I believe Unions are perfectly acceptable. They deserve to do well..No one seems to mind that we have millionaires and billionaires in this country.. Its difficult to live on 7.50 per hour in this country!

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