Women And Confidence

Women And Confidence

When you think about yourself, does it make you proud? If somehow this question seems embarrassing, the chances are that you lack in self esteem and confidence. Why do so many women dislike themselves? Why have self esteem and confidence become enormous issues in today’s society? Self esteem is something that comes from within a person. This means that a woman does not have to be dependent on another to feel good. A woman has the confidence that she is perfect and is not defined by who she is with. This does not indicate that you are conceited; it just means that you are comfortable in your own skin despite having both strengths and weaknesses.

Self esteem is judged as a core issue related to one’s identity. It is a personal validation and the ability for a woman to experience contentment. This is easily achievable as self esteem comes from within. Now, if self esteem has been stunted, a woman will feel bad about herself and become engrossed with negativity in a variety of reasons ranging from relationships to culture and home life. The way society views beauty, youth and thinness is bound to doom low self esteem on every woman out there. Women’s magazines which are even available in the teenage market focus much on physical appearance. Many young girls learn to enjoy spending time at the gym instead of participating in simple and pleasurable activities of their young life. Too many women become fanatical about slimming diets. The latest trend seems to be the focus on plastic surgery adopted by several celebrities in society. Yet, women will never feel complete by engaging in such futile efforts.

All this can change as it is critical to remember that one’s worth is not in the way of physical appearance. Instead what is more important is taking control and leading fulfilling lives. Learn to set goals that are achievable and realistic. Having good self esteem helps you to accept yourself more fully and enjoy living life. Learn to aim for accomplishments instead of focusing on perfection. Perfection may make you hold yourself back, which serves no good purpose at the end.

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Darlene Lancer, MFT 6 years ago

I really like your summation of self-esteem and totally agree. Girls today have lower self-esteem than ever despite the accomplishments of the women's movement. I believe that low self-esteem is the core issue for so many mental health, relationship, and career problems. Today there is more focus on positive parenting, which hopefully can change the future.

Meanwhile, I agree that although accomplishing goals is not in itself a reflection of self-esteem, it can help build a sense of self-confidence, self-reliance, and self-efficacy - traits that so many women lack that lead to depression and dependence on others.

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yvembig profile image

yvembig 6 years ago from Somerset Author

Thank you Darlene. Hopefully we can all play our part in helping women move forward more confidently... I'll check out that report.

Stephanie Vega 6 years ago

My dad gave me the best piece of advice: "Walk in like you own the place."

Confidence is contagious. If YOU exhibit it, people will feel it.

yvembig profile image

yvembig 6 years ago from Somerset Author

Great dad, great advice! I too have always had great parental support and been told 'you can do anything'. I only wish every person had that kind of encouragement from day one, it truly makes a difference.

Kim Rawks 6 years ago

Not only parental support but also the support of friends and, dare I say, a good man. My fiance has really emboldened and filled me with confidence. I'm grateful for that everyday.

yvembig profile image

yvembig 6 years ago from Somerset Author

You are so right, all support is good. Positive feedback and words of wisdom from those we hold dearly has a big impact on our confidence and self esteem.

Jennifer 6 years ago

You know, even in today's world where it seems women have more opportunities and are respected like never before, we still suffer from low confidence and self esteem. I knew girls in college - beautiful, smart, world in the palm of their hands-types, but who still felt worthless. Is this something inherent in us or does society still send us subtle outdated messages about our "place?"

yvembig profile image

yvembig 6 years ago from Somerset Author

I believe that girls/women still have a degree of pressure to be 'all things to all people' but that's why it is important to know your authentic self and to be assertive. This constant comparison that goes on in the media exacerbates the issue. It is our responsibility as women to move away from these poor influences (recognise them for what they are) and develop our confidence skills in order to bring about societal changes.

Tamara 6 years ago

I'd like to hear more about what you mean by "this constant comparison that goes on in the media exacerbates the issue." Thanks!

yvembig profile image

yvembig 6 years ago from Somerset Author

The media seems to spend a great deal of time comparing people in the news against each other whether it is their dress sense, their beauty, their figure shape or personality. At the end of the day we all have our own 'USP' and being constantly 'encouraged' to play the comparison game (because apparently everyone who is someone does as per the magazines, news, tabloids, etc)does not help build self esteem and confidence.

Vicel 6 years ago

I would suggest media has a lot to do with the way women see themselves. There are standards on physical appearance, standards on what qualities a woman should have and the like. The thing is, we have our fair share of good and bad. And seeing ourselves for what we really are, accepting both our strenghts and weaknesses make us comfortable and knowledgeable in who we really are - this is the 1st step to confidence.

Malia 6 years ago

I like the advice of Stephanie - "Walk in like you own the place." Such a simple piece of advice but says a lot. If you feel you're not confident enough, then better act confident and it'll follow. We need to will it to believe it.

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