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There is one thing our local and national news media does extremely well. Is it keep up us to date on important events, and history making news? No. Do they give us accurate up to the minute weather forecasts? Not usually. Do they make sure we know their station’s line up of shows for the day? Yes, but that’s not what we are here to talk about; the thing our media does best of all is to keep us fearful of something.

I wrote about our media’s propensity to try and keep us fearful back in the post “Fear Mongers”. Here we go again; this time it’s about the notorious, deadly, soon to be at your door step, swine flu. BEWARE OF THE SWINE FLU is all you hear on the news lately. Whether it’s your news on T.V. or your news papers, all you hear about is the deadly, soon to be pan-demic swine flu.

As of this writing there has been a total amount of deaths , world wide, attributed to the swine flu, of 319.World wide, more people die daily of normal flu than this.

Let’s face it, flu kills, especially babies, and senior citizens. It is not something someone should out of their way to try and get, but let’s not get so carried away. The flu strikes about two times every year, and so far we have survived them all. This one will be no different. Remember the bird flu of two years ago? It was the same then, fearful people whipped into a fearful frenzy wearing surgical masks out in public, and all the news media bewailing the world wide horror.

Let’s not get fooled again. Don’t panic, don’t wear a surgical mask to walk your dog, or go to the grocery store. The odds of you catching, and dying of swine flu is roughly the same as getting killed by a falling meteorite.

Why don’t they tell us that in the nightly news?

Post Script: This article was written more than five years ago. Now all you hear about is the deadly Ebola virus. To date, less than 400 people have died from it; all but 1 of them from countries with no running water, public sanitation, or respectable hospitals. In a country like Nigeria with a population over 30 million, that is less than .0009% of their population!

Big Pharma's sales have gone down drastically in recent years as people wake up to the dangers of their anti-depressants, vaccines, and other drugs you see endlessly in TV commercials. Could it be they have paid main stream media to hype this Ebola to scare you enough to line up to take their (preplanned) Ebola vaccine?

Buyer beware.

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trish1048 profile image

trish1048 7 years ago


While I agree that the media tends to broadcast things ad nauseum, it is certainly good to be informed.  This strain of flu is a bit more serious than the others, I think.  So of course, it's a good idea to take precautions.  I heard a doctor say on the news the other day that wearing a mask won't stop someone from getting it.  Her best advice is what we've already heard, and what we should already know, and that is, wash your hands thoroughly and frequently, discard your tissues properly, don't be around folks who have flu-like symptoms, and if you are sick, stay home.  Pretty much common sense.

Why the media feels the need to put the fear of God into people is beyond me.

Thanks for sharing.

muley84 profile image

muley84 7 years ago from Miami,FL Author

Hi Trish, believe me, the media is at their best if they if they have something they can scare you with. It is what they do best, and it is best for their ratings.

trish1048 profile image

trish1048 7 years ago

Yes, you're probably right. I have two news show I watch pretty regularly, and although I like the shows, I have been finding they keep going over the same stories day in and day out, which is fine, if there's something new to say. But lately, they've been just repeating what's been said two nights previously. It's exasperating.

Rochelle Frank profile image

Rochelle Frank 7 years ago from California Gold Country

Yes, I do agree. But don't look down on people wearing surgical masks. You may assume it is because of the news, but my husband often wears one because of severe pollen allergies.

He can't take the allergy medicines, and it's the only thing that helps him avoid some of the pollen.

profile image

Whikat 7 years ago

Bravo Muley84, That is pretty much all mass media does is play on peoples fears, because that is what the advertisers will pay for. How else are they going to sell their medicines and protective gear if no one is afraid of getting any of these diseases? I am more fearful of the mass media disease playing with my mind, than I am at the extremely low risk of getting the swine flu. Good article.

muley84 profile image

muley84 7 years ago from Miami,FL Author

Hi Whikat, nice to meet you. Good points, did you read "Fear Mongers" yet? It might help answer some questions.

muley84 profile image

muley84 7 years ago from Miami,FL Author

Hi Rochelle, I don't look down on any one. If you've checked out some of my spiritual posts you would know why. I am simply trying to give folks some insight as to what is going on and why. Ratings are a big part of it, but not the whole story.

Rod 7 years ago

You know the media is trying to produce "good TV" .....

all the time.

Like the Contential crash in Buffalo, They are reporting that the pilot failed 5 checkrides! The fact is he did, but had to retest and pass each of those do-overs. I suspect that the anchors really believe what they say even when they are reporting the news out of context. It's better TV to leave the viewers thinking that hillbilly Joe is at the controls of the commuter that they are schedulled to take next week!

Thats what makes good TV, a pandemic, an earthquake, the shit economy, the shot gun toting VP, we're doomed! And now a word from our sponsors......

muley84 profile image

muley84 7 years ago from Miami,FL Author

Hi Rod, well said, but I believe there is more to it than just good ratings. Check out Fear Mongers

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