World Politics -The Fury of the Oppressed Strikes

The Jasmine Revolution of North West Africa

he saying goes, ‘You can fool some people for sometime, but you cannot fool all the people for all the time.’ History has proved this truth over and over again but those blinded by power are at a loss to take a cue that could save themselves from treading the bog unawares.

The Jasmine Revolution that began like a breeze in the tiny Tunisia took no time to develop itself into a hurricane powerful enough to drive its ruler Ben Ali away from home to become a refugee in Saudi Arabia. It did have a sudden impact in the neighboring Egypt and President Hosni Mubarak frightened by the might of the determined millions in the streets of Cairo and Alexandria, abdicated and retired to languish in his winter palace. How long?

The Armageddon Is In Motion

      It is only a matter of hours or days for Gadaffi of Libya to quit, flee or embrace martyrdom as he often cries.  The discontent growing in large sections of people in Yemen, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman et al is a great concern for the rulers there. Their vulgar display of wealth coupled with arrogance and callous attitude towards the hapless subjects have alienated themselves from the masses. The situation in these countries is most favorable for the wind of change to visit.

Revolutions in The Past

      Change is a natural process, and history gives us abundant examples. Frustrated masses are more dangerous than explosives for frustration begets anger and anger begets madness. When masses become mad they are blind, and  no army can stop them for soldiers too are a part of the masses, and the rank and file do have their grievances against the elite top brass who lead a life of extravaganza following the footsteps of their political bosses. Hence the army is reluctant to use force against their own people. 

      The Louises of France and the Czars of Russia went on reveling day and night doing nothing to alleviate the miseries of the ruled till Rousseao and Marx roused the masses and showed them their strength that when put into action demolished the centuries old tyranny. That Louis XVI with his queen and Czar Alexander with his family were executed is recent history. Those cruel rulers of those dynasties could oppress and exploit their countrymen for centuries as the folks remained illiterate and news travelled slowly in those primitive days. On the other hand the incredible advances in science and technology have become a boon to the suffering people of today but a curse to the ruthless masters as the nefarious deeds of these villains are exposed by the media instantly. 

Beware the People are Watching

      Commoners are well aware of the five star lifestyle of the high and mighty and their kin, and their siphoning off the nation’s wealth into tax havens. People do keep their eyes and ears open. When a Gaddafi son gifted a million dollar to singer Maria Carry just for four songs at a bash on a Caribbean island he would never have dreamt of the thunderbolt of His wrath waiting on the wings ready to strike the four decade old Gaddafi Dynasty. The old Bedouin in his Ben Ghazi bungalow has now been restless and scared like a mole being smoked in its burrow. The throne of Qaboon Bin Said Al Said, the Sulthan of Oman has started rocking as the political typhoon has entered the region east of Egypt on its steady course seemingly with a vengeance to liberate the oppressed all over the world.

Raw Video: Mass Protest Against Egypt Leader

The Uneasy Calm

An uneasy calm prevails in communist citadels and even democratic countries. It is high time the rulers of Pakistan, China and India learned lessons from the upheavals around and stopped treating masses as asses to be rough shod. Do not expect them to take the double speak of the rulers lying down all the time. Whipping up religious frenzy may help keep the people of Pakistan away from the gross misdeeds of their leaders for some time, but it will surely be detrimental to the ruling class in the long run. In spite of all the technological wizadry being displayed by the Chinese leaders, freedom denied to the thirteen hundred million is likely to burst like the primordial Big Bang.

The million million 2 G Spectrum scam and a host of other mega scams have enabled India fetch the coveted title Scamocracy! When the public are reeling under unprecedented weight of rising prices of essential commodities deliberately created through massive hoarding the rulers look the other way and continue promising to make the villages of India a paradise after the next general elections! New Avatars of ‘Garibi Hatao’, ‘Aam Aadmi’ slogans are being processed by the tech-savvy sons of the old generation politicians.

Learn or Perish

      Every ruler inebriated and blinded by power like Louis XVI, Czar Alexander, Napoleon Bonapart, Adolf Hitler, The Shah of Iran, Ferdinand Marcos and their cronies did have a very sad end. That is great nature’s law. There is no escape from it. Let our new generation upstarts remember the adage: ‘When the gods want to destroy someone first they make him mad.’ Beware, the wind of change is here to stay. The Armageddon is set in motion. In the Gita Krishna says to Arjun the eternal truth, ‘When values decline, when evils have their field day I enter a body, and I come back in very age to destroy the evil and establish righteousness.’ Revellers in high places! Listen to reason or perish.  

The Images from the protests against President Hosni Mubarak in Egypt

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TeaPartyCrasher profile image

TeaPartyCrasher 5 years ago from Camp Hill, PA

How true, and I think we're seeing, in Wisconsin and across the US, those same winds blowing.

Shinkicker profile image

Shinkicker 5 years ago from Scotland

Hi Kevin

It's sad that so many people are dying and there has been so much violence especially in Libya.

But when people are denied freedom and true democracy by dictators and their imperial masters then what other choice do they have but to rise up?

Thanks for an excellent Hub

Kevin Peter profile image

Kevin Peter 3 years ago from Global Citizen Author

Hi TeaPartycrasher,

Glad to know that you too support my views.

Hi Shinkicker,

Its true that a man who is denied freedom do something to stop it. Hope you enjoyed the hub.

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