Would you vote for Obama as President in 2012?

Cuts in health care.
Cuts in health care.

Would you vote for Obama again?

Would you vote for Obama again? I know this is gonna send people reeling,but it's just my opinion. Let's forget the race issue for a second. I don't care if he's purple as long as he does a good job. Race is no issue for me. I didn't like Bush either. I think the nation should give Hillary the job! Only because when the Clintons were in control we were better off than we had been in years. People had health care, there was lower unemployment. not to mention the biggie, He got us out of debt and still maintained services for people.

I think obama like Bush wasn't ready to do the job. Obamas popularity is basically in the toilet.First stuff they want to cut programs for, doesn't affect him. He goes for the poor, cutting health care, you know kids educations. Things that don't matter much to him because he doesn't live payday to payday like the rest of us.

So, with election coming up in 2012 I want to know.Would you vote Obama in the presidents chair again?

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Rusti Mccollum profile image

Rusti Mccollum 5 years ago from Lake Oswego, Oregon Author

Thankyou. so much. I didn't catch that.

aygabtu profile image

aygabtu 5 years ago

Need to edit "Let's get the race issue..." to "Let's forget the race issue..."

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