Yo! Get off the road...

D R I V E is a five letter word. . . which doesn't mean you should do it slowly. .

So, I used to have patience when it came down to people driving.

I would roll down my windows, rock out to the music, and even honk my horn at people to scare them.

I can't do that anymore. You know why?

Because I'm to focused on granny in front of me.

Don't get me wrong I love my granny. She's not the one I'm talking about though.

I'm talking about all the slow drivers they are often referred to in my vocabulary as Granny.

I'll be driving and we'll sit at an intersection for about -- 15 seconds and I'm like move it granny! I realize that it's not a woman it's a man. Yes, I am aware I have a problem with this. Everyone is a granny--never grandpa.

To make a long story short. . .

I PRAY for the day that they make a law where if you are older than 60 it is a requirement that you be tested every single year, every 365 days, every 8, 760 hours, every 525,600 minutes ,and every 31,536,000 seconds.

Don't get me wrong. I love old people. But the road is not where they need to be.


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