You Are Human Capital

They make lovely pets

"They make lovely pets very docile"
"They make lovely pets very docile"

#1 Plato's Cave & The Matrix

Human Capital

The question of who we are,is one that has been contemplated by many great thinkers and is a subject that is of great interest to me.Of even greater interest to me is the question who are we to the powers that be?I've peered through the looking glass by reading the answers to this question,from some of the greatest and most influential minds in human history.I've just finished the second of three of the writings of Karl Marx and before you label me a Marxist,know that I've balanced this reading with the mind of Leo Tolstoy.This hub is not an argument or even a review for these two philosophical minds but rather an observation of their thoughts in relation to our societal trajectory...This hub is about human capital and the way we are perceived by our rulers in post modernity.We can spend the rest of lives arguing whether or not post modernity is obsolescent and I hold my own views on this but I will refrain from turning this into a subjective summary of my personal opinions.

My personal feelings or intuitions are irrelevant here and I will ask that you to set yours aside as well,this is the only way to pursue truth or understand it when it's found.This is a difficult thing to do since who we are is determined by how we think and perceive the world(our worldview)in order to do this we have to walk out of Plato's cave.We can all gather our labels,titles,perceptions and Scarlett letters when this is over.To see what I mean by Plato's Cave,for any who have never heard of the "Allegory of The Cave", you have probably seen the movie The Matrix this video clip gives you an excellent overview,this moviecontained some significant allegories,that represented the creators views on topics ranging from sociology,politics,theology etc....(See video,#1-Plato's Cave & the Matrix)

In this expedition for the truth in how we are perceived by our rulers,we must remain objective,which means, not being influenced by prejudices or emotions or the blind submission and obedience,of the propaganda typically displayed by people still trapped in the cave/matrix.The following answer is the truth for all Americans,my only assumption here is that this may be true in other cultures but of this assumption, I cannot be sure of.

In the eyes of the bureaucracy you are Human Capital.I wish I could sugar coat it to hide the bittersweet flavor of this axiom but I can not.Finding the truth from the political class is difficult and often requires sifting through the Library of Congress,luckily it is something that I don't mind doing and rather enjoy.The truth is very rarely heard from the words that they speak and no matter how eloquent the delivery of a rousing speech,it is usually written by a writer capable of spinning words in a dizzying fashion,The truth however can be found in the realm of the unspoken and subsequently verified by their actions.

In 1994,then President Bill Clinton signed an Executive Order 13037,this order was signed in order to "...Establish the Commission to Study Capital Budgeting..."What I found most elucidating in this order was under section 2.

Section 2 : Functions- The Commission shall report on the following:2(b)--"The appropriate definition of capital for Federal budgeting, including: use of capital for the Federal Government itself or the economy at large; ownership by the Federal Government or some other entity; defense and non defense capital; physical capital and intangible or human capital..."

The Federal Government is an infertile entity,as far as capital is concerned.The capital generated by our government is capital excised from the people,in various forms,principally taxation.The truth is that our government is using this revenue in ways that it deems of absolute necessity,in other words bailing out corporations it deems too big to fail.Is not the unspoken truth then that the government has deemed the people are too small to save?The human capital(you) have exercised your collective rights forcibly to stop the artifice of the bureaucracy during the first bailout and the question lingers,why did they ignored us?The opposition to the first bailout under the Bush administration came not only from members of the democratic party but the majority of the constituents of the republican party.The new administration swept into power,along with gaining control of both houses and this process of bailouts has accelerated with the future production of the human capital(your children)compulsorarily required to repay this money eventually.

#2 Paulson behind Martial Law

#3 Rep.Burgess Martial law

#4 Rep Kaptur

#2 Henry Paulson

#3 The Fine Print

Henry Paulson & Martial Law

The passage of the first bailout (T.A.R.P. Toxic Asset Relief Program)was one of the most amazing representations of our non representing representative form of government I have ever witnessed in my lifetime or read of in American history.The overwhelming majority of voters were against this measure and were against giving money to the very cowboy capitalist who'd shot themselves in the foot.Initially the bill failed to pass in the house of representatives and then something ominous happened in the week in between the time when the bill was rescheduled to be voted on in the senate.(see video #2 Paulson behind Martial Law)

The two men who spoke the truth about being threatened with martial law were each from the opposing parties of the American political system.Democrat Rep. Brad Sherman and Republican Sen.James Inhofe.Several days before that Rep.Michael Burgess,also a republican(see video #3 Rep Burgess) said this on the floor of the house"Mr.Speaker I understand that we are under Martial law as declared from the speaker last night..."The threat of martial law was laid before our representatives in between the No vote by the house and the subsequent rescheduled vote in the senate.It is my understanding that all economic appropriation(spending) bills originate in the house,by tradition but I digress(for now).During this period,that I consider a robbery by the modern day robber barons,I witnessed something that I hadn't seen since the 9/11 terrorist attacks in 2001.Representatives from both sides of the aisle stood opposed to this crime and the bravest of all spoke truth to power unfortunately to no avail.One of my favorite,most enlightening speeches showing just how powerless our representatives were in opposing this was given by Rep.Marcy Kaptur a democrat,she lays out the rules of this new reality game"Wall Street Bailout"(see video #4 Rep Kaptur)

Now that the Matrix has better explained the connection to dialectic materialism(we can debate it's validity at another time)I would like to share with you a few thoughts from Marx on human capital.Human capital is similar to Marx's theory on the concept of "Labor Power",he thought that in a capitalist system the workers sold their "labor power" in order to receive wages or salaries.The worker must exert his body or mind to earn this interest(salary/wages).He called it interest because a worker cannot sell his labor power ,as if it were a liquid asset(land,stocks,cars etc...) as this labor power is far more illiquid than shares or land.Marx theorised that since the workers could not sell this labor power at once even though they claim ownership of this illiquid asset they remain dependent on their employers for their livelihoods.That in essence is how the government in executive order 13037,viewed human capital.

Our government borrows against the future earnings presented in the formula proposed in Executive order 13037 and this may be another possible explanation for the growing problem of illegal immigration the Untied States as well as the continued importation of intellectual labor power, in the form of engineers,nurses for example from other developing nations.In other words this influx of labor power is more projected human capital for the bureaucrats to cook the books and continue to justify borrowing more money.It doesn't hurt the governments shoddy record keeping that the imported intellectual labor often works,for less pay than an equally trained American and they remain oblivious to the fact that this drives down wages for all but again reluctantly I digress.(this is still not enough as the Federal Reserve has begun to buy bonds issued by the Dept of Treasury but I will save that for a hub on inflation.)

If you will allow me to refocus your attention to Henry Paulson the point/pitchman for the modern day robber barons(see pic #3) who was the former Treasury Secretary of the United States during the first bailout.This man represented the men behind the curtain that Rep Kaptur spoke of in her passionate speech on the house floor.The very people who threatened the prosperity and liberty of the American people with martial law if they could not have your future labor capital and the labor power of every child in preschool in this country.The robber barons throughout history have stolen something far more valuable than human capital even though controlling your labor power is a scheme to keep you drawing interest on your time and therefore subservient to your masters.These robber barons have always been after the liquid assets the most obvious of which is land.Reading the works of Marx,this control of land by the oligarchs was of grave concern to him.The robber barons of post modernity have proven to be no different,they may have toned down the flamboyent colorful dress of a time gone by for more formal Armani suits but their goal has remained the same.

It is known to most Americans that Henry Paulson was a former C.E.O of Goldman Sachs and our current Sec. of Treasury Timothy Geithner is also a Goldman Sachs alumni.Goldman Sach's subsequently has been handed $13,000,000,000.00 through the bailout of A.I.G and an additional direct bailout of $10,000,000,000.00 in current and future taxpayers "labor power".Essentially to borrow the allegory from the scene in the Matrix where Morpheus shows Neo the battery ,you,me and our descendants are the batteries or the hamsters on the wheel as depicted in the first pic at the top of this hub that will fund/empower this thievery.The federal government doesn't own you,in this country,the physical you is given the illusory perception of free will,however the government does claim ownership of you in the form of human capital.This is done through the the fictitious representation of you represented by your avatar in the cave/matrix,better known to you as being represented by your social security number.

That is the intellectual property of the Oligarchs,they who cast the shadow puppets on the cave wall and designers of the Matrix.I know this information may be difficult to believe but if you would please locate your checkbook... then take a closer look at the line where you have always written your signature and read the fine print(or see pic #3 The Fine Print).(I will have much more on this at a later time)You are and have been since birth assigned the authorisation to bind your physical self to any contracts your physical self enters into as your avatar.Another way to see this truth is to rummage through your inbox/mailbox and your avatar is always represented in CAPITAL LETTERS,utility bills,credit/banking statements etc...(I must apologise for skimming over these points and anyone seeking further explanation please advise me and I can go into greater detail)

#3 Leo Tolstoy

#3 How Much Land Does A Man Need

#4 American People Don't Care

#5 Obedience Training

How Much Land Does A Man Need

Which brings me to the great Russian philosopher and writer(War and Peace) Leo Tolstoy(see pic #3)The reason I mentioned him earlier is because of the balance he presented to Karl Marx.Marx was an atheist,Tolstoy a theist.I found truth in the words of both of these men solidified and evident in our post modern world.If you have never read the short story by Leo Tolstoy entitled "How Much Land Does A Man Need"it is well worth the read.In the essence of saving time you can view a synopsis of the short story in (Video #3 Leo Tolstoy).The synopsis does little to represent the depth and eloquence of Tolstoy but it is the issue of land and greed that I wanted to highlight,as we begin to highlight the truth in the connection between the robbery of our human capital,the robbery of our land and the voraciously insatiable appetites of the authoritarian class.Regardless of your personal opinions of former president Andrew Jackson,we sure could have used a man like old hickory when these banksters threatened the American people.When this tactic was tried during the 1832 bank panic and the robber barons threatened the prosperity of the American people,Andrew Jackson turned to them and he said"There are no necessary evils in government and the treasury to you gentlemen is closed."If that didn't work old hickory carried a stick and he wasn't afraid to use it.

A much overlooked fact about our former Sec.of Treasury Henry Paulson is that the was also the head of the environmental not for profit group known as the Nature Conservancy.The mission statement of the Nature Conservancy is " preserve the plants,animals and natural communities that represent the diversity of life on earth..." It is difficult for anyone who lives almost anywhere to in America to be against such a mission statement,we've littered the earths naturally beautiful landscape with artificiality to the point that you can barely recognise the differences between different regions of our country.It's funny to listen to most people give directions in post modern America especially those who navigate by landmark,"Make a left at the Starbucks,drive until you see a McDonalds,then make a right after you pass the Walmart.Whatever your views on wildlife conservation,it is worth noting that the Nature Conservancy is currently the largest private landowner in the United States.

The Nature Conservancy does receive land in the form of donations from elderly landowners who wish to preserve their land but the majority of land owned by this group is bought.The Nature Conservancy owns 14 islands off the coast of Virginia and the purpose stated when these were purchased was to preserve these islands,with a little research you can see how that turned out.These lands have been sold to developers of upscale properties unaffordable by the workers,who once camped,fished and enjoyed that land,as their labor power continues to be excised from them through ever increasing taxation.Please allow me to interject my opinion here and state that Marx was right in respect to his views on human capital and Tolstoy in respect to his views on land.Man's insatiable appetite to own more land than he could ever need is clearly visible in the workings of the Nature Conservancy,an organisation begun with the greatest of intent and corrupted by the incessant greed of the oligarchs.In the words of the ecologist, Garrett Hardin " The tragedy of the commons is averted by private property"

If Leo Tolstoy were to ask the oligarchs of today "How much land does a man need?"I'm sure the spin doctors would have a pre written a response so orwellian it would leave even Tolstoy in agreement with them,for a short time,at least until he got used to googling on the oracle and had this wealth of human knowledge and history at his fingertips.Then I assure you he would see that the truth he presented so articulately in his short story represented by our ruling class today.Here are two links that are worth taking a peek at and you will see that what is presented to us in the form of news is really a projection of the matrix or shadows on the wall of your intellectual caves.Like Morpheus I can only offer you the truth if you wish to accept it.

North American Development Bank(click on the board of directors)

Border Environment Cooperation Commission (This is funded by the North America Development Bank)

Under the previous administration the Treasury Secretary Paulson and Condeleeza Rice held these positions now held by Timothy Geithner and Hillary Clinton same objective,new faces but who's paying attention.What do the oligarchs think about the American people?(see video #4)

They assume you,the members of the chattering class to be apathetic,mindless brutes,who don't mind their scheming and conniving,just keep running on that wheel generating that human capital and we'll keep harnessing your labor power to use as we see fit, in other words run Forrest,run.How much land do they want?Every single square inch they can possibly take.That is the answer in all of it's complexity boiled down to it's raw simplicity.The Nature Conservancy has also been keeping the already funded border fence from being completed.If you believe that it is in the interest of conserving nature then so be it,regardless it is another explanation for the continued massive immigration into the United States.Our rulers pay lip service to gaining some control of the flow of immigration but in actuality the U.S.Border Patrol now falls under the Dept. of Homeland Security and if you like to see where there attention has been focused please see(video #5) it is has been focusing increasingly inward,up to 100 miles away from the border but who's paying attention.

The Fourth Amendment to the Constitution is the part of which guards against unreasonable searches and seizures. It was ratified as a response to the abuse of the writ of assistance, which is a type of general search warrant, in the American Revolution.

You are free to go if you are brave enough to resist tyranny.My fellow Americans you will preserve your freedoms only by exercising them.

Hold the line homelanders.

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James A Watkins profile image

James A Watkins 7 years ago from Chicago

Well sir,  I must say you are the most original writer on the HubPages.  You bring a clarity and perspective that is comprehensive regarding these very complicated matters.  You have, again, done us a service.

I got to know Senator Inhofe a few years back.  Andrew Jackson was a helluva man. 

The term Human Capital came into vogue five or ten years ago in the business world—I have used it many times, in fact, it is in my business plan.  But not in any sinister way.  The focus in business for years was on capital (money).  Without capital you couldn't accomplish anything, so raising capital and cash flow were king.  Business Theory eventually came around to the fact that the level of skills, training, aptitude, intelligence, attitude, and motivation of a company's employees was, more often than not, more important than how well they were capitalized and this shocking realization changed the way many companies viewed their workers.  Training, schooling and seminars became huge business.  The terminology for this came to be that the sum of all the characteristics I listed above that make for a good employee—the sum of all the employees aggregate came to be know as the "Human Capital" of the company.  A very positive connotation. 

In other words, studies had shown that companies with plenty of money but poor human capital failed more often than companies without much money but great human capital. This explains how say, Bill Gates can start Microsoft in a garage with $250. Human Capital is therefore a positive term.

TheMindlessBrute profile image

TheMindlessBrute 7 years ago from Orlando,Florida Author


Thank you for the kind comments and for exposing the value that the workers(people) have in business.If there is a way to advise the people that our voices hold the same value in the operation of government then we can all stand together on one side of the listing ship of state.Once the ship has been righted,we can all go back to our respective quarters.It seems that right now we are fighting over the helm of a ship thats already struck an iceberg and quickly taking on water.

Cris A profile image

Cris A 7 years ago from Manila, Philippines

I take pride in being called "human capital" if it means that my skills and knowledge are not undermined by the production process which I help oil. Otherwise, I want outr of the saltmine.

Another thorough read. Thanks for sharing. :D

TheMindlessBrute profile image

TheMindlessBrute 7 years ago from Orlando,Florida Author

I agree with your observations Cris and I like the analogy you used of a saltmine.It is difficult to see the differnce between sugar and salt without tasting them.I find the truth to be sugar coated so often,that I find my self develpoing a case of Adult Onset Diabetes.Give me the bitter and saliferous truth and I'll take the stress,high blood and anger as a catlyst for freedom.

The Manmoth profile image

The Manmoth 7 years ago from Just a Hair Shy of Paradise, U.S.A.

Mr. Brute,

I found the read very thoughtful and well-expressed as you convey a "whipped-dog" attempt at an objective take on the goings-on of our present day economy-cogress circus. (I say attempt at objectivity, because, philisophically, that is the best anyone can do to shake their mind from their own eyes). I enjoyed the philosphical references to most of the "marching ants" that fuel America. The Allegory of the Cave / Matrix analogy is indeed spot on. How can we, the attempt-toward-enlightened-freedom few, wake up the rest? Further, would the outcome of such freedom for all be favorable to the Few or to the All? "If all were truly free, there chaos would be." (I write more extensively about this on one of my blog post - - and on my Hub - What is Freedom?)

As a fellow Floridian, I like your style Mr. Brute. I'll be reading.

TheMindlessBrute profile image

TheMindlessBrute 7 years ago from Orlando,Florida Author


Thanks for reading and leaving your comment.It would seem that paradoxically true freedom for all is chaos and that was well understood by this nations founders.The few who are further along the path to enlightement should take up postitions of leadership as representatives for all.I think we have moved so far off of that path that an overcorrection is inevitable and there will be blood in the streets of America soon as the people begin to realise what this country has become while we were watching the circus and waiting for bread from the aristocracy.I'll have to check out your blog poast and thanks for the link.

Jewels profile image

Jewels 7 years ago from Australia

Hi there, was wondering if you were still around, though maybe it's I who have been absent. Nice to read you again. Matrix is powerful stuff.

TheMindlessBrute profile image

TheMindlessBrute 7 years ago from Orlando,Florida Author


Thanks for reading and I'm still around just been a little too busy with other projects to write here.I've been paying close attention to paragliders bloodless revolution and everyone's thoughts over there.Have you posted your thoughts there?I'd be interested in reading them.

stewart_dent 7 years ago from Northampton

An excellent hub that forwards some difficult material. It would seem government of any kind is merely a conspiracy against the public, personal responsibility is the way forward.

Madame X 6 years ago

It is necessary that us peons become aware of how we are perceived by our 'superiors'. Actually, the GNP has a line item for Human Capital, and exactly how much we're worth.

The term has no positive meanings (sorry James), and it's redefinition in business schools is insidious. They could have come up with a number of other terms to define the value of the skills of a workforce but they chose not to - so that our use of it has become a "term of art". A term of art, in law, is a definition of a common word that has a specific and different meaning to those in the know, other than the current vernacular.

They're sooooo smart, aren't they? :)

A very important hub conceptually.

Harvey Stelman profile image

Harvey Stelman 6 years ago from Illinois


Everyone should want to be an asset, if not then they are .....

Swarm The Banks 6 years ago

I would like to credit the cartoonist for the HAMPSTER political cartoon. I would also like to contact them to see if it would be ok to change the caption to HAMP for HAMPsters.

Jngy 6 years ago

EO 13037 was revoked.

piratequeen 6 years ago

Jngy- I would like to see a reference and link to that revocation, because unless revocations are done properly they are repugnant (which basically means a load of rubbish). I have found references to revocations/repealed that, upon further examination, reveal that the laws or Acts in question have simply been written (often verbatim) into current legislation. I've learned to check the references for *everything*.

audacious 5 years ago

vids 2 3 n 4 are no longer up on you tub e. anybody know anywhere else i can find them?

Drop 4 years ago

I must say, this was such a well written article, your enlightening word capivated my imagination, of a better world. You are a great thinker, I was never really into reading before this, but you've really inspired me., thank you

Veritas Separatim profile image

Veritas Separatim 4 years ago from Ohio

After reading your article I am impressed with your beside reading material, but lack your point. Yes, politically, the electorate is political capital and used to that end. A broader understanding of political philosophy leads one to conclude that throughout thousands of years of history that when one enters society, one is to a degree enslaved by it. In every society there is an oligarchy to gently (or sometimes violently) execute political power. Western democracy was the first form of government to create an environment where these transitions of political capital could be executed rather gently- an improvement from the old world.

I, like you, have read many of the "great" philosophers. I use that term in quotations because so much of philosophy is considered "great" not because the ideas were correct but more so that they were thought-provoking. One danger that I would caution you against, however, is the Philosopher's Trap. That is that philosophy exists in the realm of theory and not the realm of the tertiary. As a shining example of t his concept I will give you Marx. Marx's work is truly revolutionary and thought provoking. His manifesto is as inspiring as it is articulate and his vision for what the world "could be" is staggeringly beautiful. However, Marx's theories are 100% completely impractical and impossible to reconcile with reality as they completely work against human nature.

Your article was well written, articulate, and I enjoyed the read. I would only caution you, one philosophical mind to the other, to avoid drawing too many conclusions from any Philosopher and tethering them to anecdotal evidence in history. One of the joys of philosophy is that it exists in the mind and not in reality. Sometimes, it is best kept that way.

Johnb577 2 years ago

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