You've Witnessed a Crime in Progress. Now What?

Out for a drive

The simple pleasures. A day to myself.
The simple pleasures. A day to myself.

My day of leisure~so I thought.

The day was mine all mine. A warm & breezy July afternoon was perfect for a drive to the Mall and that's exactly what I chose to do. I wanted time to myself, some healthy walking and a couple hours of window shopping with possible purchase of one item I just couldn't resist.

The mall was precisely how I love it to be. Just enough people mulling around to take my time and maybe flash a friendly smile here or there to set the mood. No rushing, no massive noise and dozens of sales reps ready and able to accommodate requests at my beck and call. Life is good. I deserve this break.

I headed straight for the row of women's boutiques. A visit to each one to check out what late and great fashions had replaced the ones I detested on my last visit, six months prior.
This time would be different. This time I would find something I really liked. My alter ego piped in to remind me if I wasn't so damned fussy and hard to please.........Well that's too bad. I want what I want. I earn my own money and I'll spend it my own way. That's all there is to that. I have to wonder if most other women have a more agreeable relationship with their alter ego. Mine and I just don't see eye to eye too often but I can put her in her place in an instant.

Being a wise shopper as well as self-trained to be frugal, years ago I learned the trick to know when the shopping is over. If you've ever gambled even once~I mean in an actual casino~ there is a golden rule of thumb to adhere to. If you haven't heard it mentioned, you've thought it I'm sure. If you're lucky enough to win and be UP from your original investment, STOP there! Cash in the tokens, treasure your profit and head for the exit.
Do I really need to tell you that one more stroll around the circle of one-armed bandits and sure enough, the House takes all your money, amigo mio?

This same theory applies to shopping. Seriously, pay attention. When you find what you want, and I did, your wallet is lighter than when you began, take yourself and your item purchased, straight to the door to the parking lot. Do not look from side to side at any more stores, ignore all displays, keep going forward and don't look back. I know what you're thinking. This is tough to do, really tough, but you'll respect yourself in the morning.

Short way home~ Long story

The sun was beginning to set. Taking the short way home would get me there before dark where I could settle in and call it a day. In my neck of the woods, the short way was through the woods on unlit narrow roads. Barely a mile down the first of these back roads, just ahead of me, a beat up dark sedan barrelled from a driveway, turning on two wheels and stirring up dusty gravel that sprayed my windshield. Slowing a bit, for some reason I looked to my right. In the distance I could see smoke and flames coming from the house at the far end of that driveway. Something wrong with this picture. A car speeding away from the onset of a house fire? I dialed 911.

The dispatcher responded immediately and I gave my location with a brief description of the scene I'd just witnessed. With no desire to play chase nor deep-seeded need to be a heroine, the rest of this saga was left to the cops. That thought had barely left my mind when tail lights were visible a fair distance ahead of me. It seemed to me that car was moving slowly. Great, just great. If the driver was in fact up to no good and saw me, was he now waiting for me? No way to turn around quickly or safely and barely space to get past that car, panic hit me hard. I slowed to a crawl and tried to calm myself. Fat chance, I was scared as hell.

My imagination was now in overdrive. I saw myself being pulled from my car, dragged and beaten, left for the deer to discover much later.

I love sirens

I LOVE you Mr. Policeman!
I LOVE you Mr. Policeman!

1-2-3 cop cars. A beautiful sight

I'm amazed I was able to hear the sirens over my heart pounding in my head, but that annoying, sound I've always hated so much sounded like a love song at that moment. Three black and whites with men in blue surrounded that sedan in seconds. I sat in my car watching this action drama unfold before my eyes. Guns drawn and voices yelling orders, unbelievable~~all I wanted was to watch "Blue Bloods" on T.V. There I was in the midst of my own episode. CRAZY! What a stunning, overwhelming experience.

Once two very scrufty-looking dudes were cuffed and stuffed, a police officer came over to my car, asked me if I was the 911 caller and if I was, "OK." I realized then that my hands were trembling and my throat felt dry and locked up. Eventually I was able to provide him with my name and phone number. They'd be getting in touch with me.

It was three days later when the Police Chief called me and asked me to come to the station to fill out some paperwork and make a statement. The Chief gave me the entire story of the fleeing thugs. They had in fact burglarized that farm house and then set it ablaze to destroy any DNA or other evidence. The car was loaded with what was estimated to be $7000.00 worth of electrical equipment, tools, TV, jewelry, cash, cell phones and a chest of sterling silver. Charges: Felony theft and arson. Bad boys, Bad boys.

I gave my deposition and completed the paper work, leaving the station with an appointment to meet with the Prosecutor the following week. I was warned of the possibility of being hounded by the media and assured I had absolutely no obligation to speak to anyone but the police and the prosecutor. I made the decision that moment I would pack a bag and stay with friends twelve miles away until this fiasco settled down. I am not a fan of the media, the least trusted group next to politicians.

My visit with the prosecutor was short and sweet, basically a repeat of what I had provided to the police. Next: My Testimony in Court. The date was 3 months away and that was fine with me.

This court is in session
This court is in session

My Testimony on the witness stand

In preparation for my day in court, I spent some time going over all the paperwork. I committed to memory the most basic but vital facts. In the event I felt the least bit nervous or intimidated by the defense attorney, I wanted to remain calm, cool and confident.

Until you are actually in a courtroom as a main player, feeling under a microscope, you cannot know how you'll react.

No one on the jury panel looked familiar to me. This seemed a good thing. The Judge was a dignified-looking Hispanic man with a hint of a beautiful accent. His expression was stern and somber. I made it a point not to look around but instead focused my gaze straight ahead so as not to allow too much distraction.

In my opinion, the prosecutor handled his presentation and questioning of those on the witness stand, like an absolute pro. For what appeared upfront to be an open and shut case, all facts and statements were presented with focus and clarity.

I had disdain for the defense attorney, based upon what we can always expect them to do in their efforts to save their clients. Although I'm well aware that every defendant is entitled by law to the best defense possible and a fair trial before a jury of his peers, I'm adverse to the games played. Being an eye witness, the "bull' presented by defense was glaringly evident to me. I was not amused. I tried to read the faces on the jury panel. That they too could see through the charade was all we could hope.

From start to closing arguments, this case consumed a full eight hours . Considering it may have been worse, this seemed to please everyone involved, save perhaps the sad-looking thugs in their defendant chairs. The jury was dismissed and released to deliberation and court was adjourned until verdict announcement.

By eleven a.m. the next morning the jury sent word they had reached their verdict and were ready for court to resume. Both defendants were found guilty of felony burglary and arson. There was dead silence in the courtroom. The Judge then spoke and we heard the sentence, which was allowed by law in relation to the crimes. Our wanna-be thugs would spend the next 20 years behind bars being eligible for parole after 15. This was a first felony conviction for both. Only the future would know if it would be their last.

Elated this was behind me, I was eager to get back home and resume my normal peaceful existence. Although the experience was not unbearable, it was an annoying and obtrusive inconvenience. I find it difficult to believe that there are those individuals who actually might seek out 15 minutes of fame. I was grateful this case had not included any harm or worse to human beings. I'm not cut out for such high drama nor gory details. This experience was for me, enough to last a lifetime.

A burglar speaks

I have witnessed a crime in progress:

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fpherj48 profile image

fpherj48 4 months ago from Beautiful Upstate New York Author

Peg....This experience was rather Ironic, happening to me of all people. I don't lock my house up. Never have, with the exception of the few times I lived in another State, nearby big, crazy cities.

I'm constantly being admonished by friends for my habit. What I don't feel like explaining is that I am literally a creature of habit. Growing up in the 50's-'60's (remember that awesome era? ) quaint village, peaceful, close-knit neighborhoods, knowing everyone and/or related to most, we were carefree to a fault. For many years, I never got it thru my thick head that times were-a-changin for real.

In more recent yrs, I've become much more vigilant in this particular way~but I'm still the woman who leaves her car running as she runs into the P.O....and walks away from her purse in the grocery store.

Let's just say that in some cases, I am naive. I had to actually LEARN that this whole big bad world is not full of nice people. Thanks for the visit. Paula

PegCole17 profile image

PegCole17 4 months ago from Dallas, Texas

Well told, Paula. What an incredible experience. Thank goodness you were alert and paying attention and further, that you reported the suspicious activity. And more importantly, thank goodness you were not a target for these thugs who would rather take from others than earn their own things. Testifying in court can be truly intimidating and you did well to keep your cool. These defense attorneys were just sharks in suits who will do anything for a price. I'm glad justice prevailed. Great story!

fpherj48 profile image

fpherj48 7 months ago from Beautiful Upstate New York Author

Shyron....LOL..No chance of me changing much at this point in my life! I must admit I am who I am. Fortunately Shyron, when we get to a particular age, the only things that matter are what's truly important in life. Since we've experienced 95% of what life has to offer, we become pretty wise!! Thank you so much for the visit. Enjoy the 4th & stay safe. Peace, Paula

Shyron E Shenko profile image

Shyron E Shenko 7 months ago

Paula, your bravery shows right through

In the honorable things that you do

I just hope you don't change

That you always stay true to you



Blessings and Hugs

fpherj48 profile image

fpherj48 8 months ago from Beautiful Upstate New York Author

My lessons were more than 2. One of which is, if you witness people doing something that you're 90% sure is criminal, whatever direction they head go the opposite way!!

Thanks for stopping by Audrey!!

AudreyHowitt profile image

AudreyHowitt 8 months ago from California

What an intense experience--you did all the right things! Good for you-there is a lesson here for all of us I think

Frank Atanacio profile image

Frank Atanacio 8 months ago from Shelton

returning the favor.. so I choose one that I enjoyed in the past.. bless you

fpherj48 profile image

fpherj48 10 months ago from Beautiful Upstate New York Author

Another bit of information I was told much later after this was all over was that at the time of my 911 call, 2 patrol cars were only 5 miles away from where I was. They had just responded to a neighborhood squabble & were getting into their vehicles when the dispatcher reported my call.

I actually don't know if the thugs had slowed down due to concern of my witnessing them pulling out of the driveway. It could have been any number of things but my imagination just went to a scary place immediately.

As for their big bad criminal audition, they were simple-minded vagabonds wanting to finance their joy ride across the State. They weren't meant for stardom...

Thanks for stopping by.

Au fait profile image

Au fait 10 months ago from North Texas

So glad the cops showed up when they did! No telling what might have happened otherwise. And you certainly did the right thing by calling 911 because the thieves would have assumed you did no matter what and would have had no mercy. What sort of compassion or caring could anyone hope to see in a person who would destroy an entire house and it's contents just to cover up the possibility of a lost hair or finger prints? Wonder why they didn't wear latex gloves. Seriously, I know why they didn't. For the same reason they were there in the first place.

Glad everything worked out for the best and that you were no worse off for doing the right thing. So often the person who does the right thing suffers more than anyone else because they are often the least appreciated.

peachpurple profile image

peachpurple 10 months ago from Home Sweet Home

honestly, i would run away, pretend that I didn't witness it

Shyron E Shenko profile image

Shyron E Shenko 10 months ago

Dear Paula, where were you when we needed you? We were the victim of a burglary, they did not set fire to our condo and we know the thieves, but could not prove it, maybe I should write about that, it sure was strange.

I am just glad the cops came quickly and you were not harmed in any way.

Blessings and Hugs

fpherj48 profile image

fpherj48 10 months ago from Beautiful Upstate New York Author

ps.....Happy to see you. Seems to be the way of many in this world....We all suffer for the bad. But we can make up for it by helping our fellow man. Have a great day!

pstraubie48 profile image

pstraubie48 10 months ago from sunny Florida

I imagine it was (enough to last a lifetime.) How sad that some think stealing and destroying property is the way to live!!!

Angels are on the way to you ps

fpherj48 profile image

fpherj48 10 months ago from Beautiful Upstate New York Author

Oh shucks would have done the same thing I did and handled it quite well! You're a natural born Crime fighter! Love Me

Nell Rose profile image

Nell Rose 10 months ago from England

well done Paula, thats something I hope never to have to do, scary stuff!

fpherj48 profile image

fpherj48 10 months ago from Beautiful Upstate New York Author

Well, that settles it. I'm convinced I must have had a daughter in another life and she must have been you in that same other life! You're probably the 2nd woman I've ever known in my life who hates to shop. What you said about online shopping is exactly what I said just recently. I'm in heaven being able to shop via internest.

Yeah, we never know when something crazy or strange is going to happen. Just hang in there and hold on tight for the ride....that's what I say. Just like being on a roller coaster. Eventually it comes to a halt and we hop off.... a little shook up but we survive.

Take care girl.....Paula

Missy Smith profile image

Missy Smith 10 months ago from Florida

Hey Paula,

I share your way of shopping. Except, I have never liked to shop at all. The Internet for me has been a godsend. Lately, I have really needed to buy me some more clothes, as most of my shopping time is for my kids. Every time I go to the store, I try to look around and find me something that entices my taste, because if it doesn't I just don't buy it, and then I'm still in need. Needless to say, I have since purchased a few things online, that I am not so sure about, but had to make a move before I was running around taking my kids to school with holes in my pants. Well, I still do that some days to be honest. Hey, if the shirt covers it up, it's alright with me. lol. I can clean up nice though; I promise.

The back roads to home. I know them well. I hope I never see criminals flee from a crime scene though. I know that had to be scary. I would hate to have gone through that whole process of statements and court procedures. However, if it happened to me, of course, I would have to put scum like that behind bars. It would be hard though, the scenario you had in your head would have totally made a place in my head as well. Scary stuff!

This world we live in now makes it hard for me to go anywhere to be honest. Something crazy could go down at the drop of a hat. In saying that, I know we can't be hermits. We must live and thrive; it's the only way. We have to take chances.

This was interesting, and scary. I'm so glad you were able to help put these two criminals behind bars. Twenty years...let's hope they will use their time wisely and learn to become upstanding citizens, if and when they ever get out. Let's face it; the hoosegow is a terror in itself.

Take care, Paula. Your friend, Missy :)

lawrence01 profile image

lawrence01 10 months ago from Hamilton, New Zealand

True, but sometimes the scrapes we get into!

fpherj48 profile image

fpherj48 10 months ago from Beautiful Upstate New York Author

Nor are we so dumb!! LOL

lawrence01 profile image

lawrence01 10 months ago from Hamilton, New Zealand

No we didn't actually. We were soldiers just finished basic training and I think we saw the situation and chased the gang off (we'd just thought they were picking on the guy!) but didn't know about the stabbing until the police told us later!

Guess I was 'young and dumb' back then! Now I'm not so young!

fpherj48 profile image

fpherj48 10 months ago from Beautiful Upstate New York Author

lawrence.....I certainly would have been much more emotionally shaken had I witnessed a stabbing! Did you and your friends take off running in fear?

I'm amazed you have Police who were so thoughtful of you young men and the drinking issue. Now, that's the way law enforcement needs to think!

Thank you for the visit, lawrence. I appreciate your interest.

lawrence01 profile image

lawrence01 10 months ago from Hamilton, New Zealand

I did once witness a crime being committed, though I couldn't tell the police who actually did it.

The day before my 18th birthday me and a few mates went out for a few beers and that night I saw a stabbing take place, though I was at the other end of the street and couldn't tell who actually did it.

When the cops realized I'd only turned 18 about two hours before they decided to 'lose the paperwork' as they didn't want me and my mates in trouble for 'drinking under age' (the legal age in Britain is 18) and they had enough to charge the gang with the crime!

I really identified with you in this hub.


fpherj48 profile image

fpherj48 10 months ago from Beautiful Upstate New York Author

Yves.....Very good observation~~I felt like I was in the midst of some crazy novel by Stephen King! The weirdest part I think for me was that it did not dawn on me that I might be endangering myself. I don't know to this day why they had actually slowed down after speeding away. I do believe I miraculously dodged a bullet of some kind. It was worse thinking back on it than literally going through it.

This is somewhat a rural area, but a "small" community. Trust me, neighbors are nosy no matter where you live! LOL

Thanks for stopping by. I always appreciate your comments. Paula

savvydating profile image

savvydating 10 months ago

This story reads like a novel, yet it was real. I'd be scared too, but I know you are not one to let fear get in the way of doing your civic duty. Personally, I'd not like living in a woodsy area. I much prefer having my nosy neighbors around to notice everything going on in the block. Ha!

A truly interesting real-life story. I hope it never happens to me!

fpherj48 profile image

fpherj48 11 months ago from Beautiful Upstate New York Author

Mike...You needn't have apologized. I took no offense to your comment whatsoever. Thanks, my friend.

Michael-Milec profile image

Michael-Milec 11 months ago

My sincerest apology Paula, please. In my comment I made a gross error, not expressing correctly my thoughts , when saying "I'll consider this a basic lesson for a first timers," - meant to be a basic lesson for those first time facing similar situation.

Peace, Michael.

fpherj48 profile image

fpherj48 11 months ago from Beautiful Upstate New York Author

I realize I neglected to mention the outcome of the house fire. For the record, these 2 clumsy goofs turned home invaders obviously had a really bad day for crimes! The fire dept was able to get the fire under control, stop it from spreading to the main section of the house and douse every flame within less than an hour.

There was damage, but all was not lost. The best part was no people were injured.

fpherj48 profile image

fpherj48 11 months ago from Beautiful Upstate New York Author

FA.....Never thought I'd have an experience like this and I hope I never do again. For weeks it just felt unreal to me. Like I said, when I look back, I'm so relieved there was no one at the home they chose to burglarize. It could have been so much worse.

There's nothing heroic about making a 911 call. You would have done the very same thing.........Thanks for stopping by! Peace, Paula

FlourishAnyway profile image

FlourishAnyway 11 months ago from USA

Wow! It's amazing how quick thinking and happenstance can turn a shopping trip into a story of adventure and heroism! Good that you responded so quickly!

fpherj48 profile image

fpherj48 11 months ago from Beautiful Upstate New York Author

pop.....If we don't get this election thing right....We'll ALL be dealing with the "bad guys!" Thanks for stopping by!

breakfastpop profile image

breakfastpop 11 months ago

Finding yourself behind the bad guys on a dark road had to be a nightmare. You are very brave.

fpherj48 profile image

fpherj48 11 months ago from Beautiful Upstate New York Author

Well, I'm not exactly a first timer when it comes to dealing with "crisis" and I would have to say the reactions whether crisis or crime is pretty similar......Thanks Mike!

Michael-Milec profile image

Michael-Milec 11 months ago

Estimable.. Sounds as your first call to action after vigorous rehearsal. How otherwise you would so bravely, in one, two, three steps demonstrate perfect outcome?! Congratulations. Perfect job Paula. I'll consider this a basic lesson for a first timers.

Blessing and peace.

fpherj48 profile image

fpherj48 11 months ago from Beautiful Upstate New York Author

Ms. Dora...So nice to see you and thanks for the gracious comment. We just never know when strange things will happen out of the blue, do we? We do what we have to do......Peace, Paula

MsDora profile image

MsDora 11 months ago from The Caribbean

I'm happy the way this worked out although I wouldn't want to be in this story. You were very brave and I applaud you. You also reported the incident well. Thanks for sharing.

fpherj48 profile image

fpherj48 11 months ago from Beautiful Upstate New York Author

These wanna-be thugs were drifters looking for some quick money.....real morons. I wasn't too worried about the crooks.....I was 98% positive they were going away for quite a while

If not.....I have 4 sons the size of the HULK......I'm pretty well protected.LOL.......When they were all living at home, if I had a date pick me up at the house, I'd send one of my sons to the door, just in case they had any "ideas" in mind......LOL......One guy who met my eldest told me later in the evening...."The last time I saw anything that BIG, it had a yoke around it!" LOL Trust me one messed with me.

bravewarrior profile image

bravewarrior 11 months ago from Central Florida

You're a trip. I think I would have gone in scruffy clothes. Jeans at the very least - wouldn't want the crooks thinking there was something worth taking at my house! LOL

One thing I failed to mention in my comment is, I would have called 911, too. No doubt. But I'd have been flabbergasted to learn I actually had to appear as a material witness for the prosecution.

fpherj48 profile image

fpherj48 11 months ago from Beautiful Upstate New York Author

LOL.....I bought a pair of black satin slacks and a long sleeve all lace gold blouse with black trim......Gorgeous. I wore it to court!!!LOL

bravewarrior profile image

bravewarrior 11 months ago from Central Florida

Paula, you did the right thing. I can't believe those thugs put their freedom on the line for $7,000! What friggin' idiots!

You were very brave. I'd be afraid of facing the perpetrators in court. Thankfully, they got long sentences, but there's always the "what if" factor that would give me nightmares and make me paranoid as hell.

I'm sure that's one shopping trip that is permanently etched in your mind. What did you buy, by the way?

fpherj48 profile image

fpherj48 11 months ago from Beautiful Upstate New York Author

Martie......Given the political and social issues in So. Africa, it seems to me you must be on the look out most of the time~~expecting just about anything to happen! That would make me very anxious. I can't help but think about the situation you have shared with me

Good to see you my lovely friend. I hope all is well with you....your health continues to improve and you are still going strong with that sweet man of yours!! Love, Paula

shanmarie profile image

shanmarie 11 months ago from Texas

I've lived in both large cities and small towns and in between. I think there are pros and cons to both. It is so sad, though. I still believe in teaching children how to react to day.her rather than living in fear. I'll admit I am not comfortable with them.roaming the neighborhood the way I used to, especially with pedophiles in the area, but I don't usually go outside when they're in the yard. They know to come get me if someone comes. Still, it is very sad. They say it takes a village to raise a child, but how can we trust the village? It's rare to have that close knit community feel those days

fpherj48 profile image

fpherj48 11 months ago from Beautiful Upstate New York Author

Shanmarie.....Thanks for stopping by and sharing your own experiences. I live in an area where crimes simply are NOT a regular occurrence. I can't even begin to imagine what it is like for people who live in large inner cities! Crime is an expected every day thing. Which may explain why I would never or could never live in that atmosphere.

To make matters worse, I grew up in much much different times, when we children could play in a park without concern of stalkers & perverts......Our parents weren't paranoid about their kids being safe. The world has gone to a hellish existence where we can trust no one and must be on constant alert! SAD state of affairs!

shanmarie profile image

shanmarie 11 months ago from Texas

Oh my gosh, I think the same thoughts would go through my head after seeing that. How scary! As a retail worker, I see shoplifting often enough or hear stories from coworkers. And I've witnessed horrific car accidents and assisted. But the worst thing that I potentially sort of witnessed is a possible murder. It was kind of late one night and my husband and I stepped outside so that he could smoke. We heard a blood curdling scream come from somewhere in the woods. I said we should call 911, but he was certain it came from a different direction, more towards where a mobile home park was located. I should have trusted my guts. It was only a week later I stopped in my tracks and a chill ran down my spine when I heard a news report of a missing woman's body found in her car parked off a road that goes through the woods - where the scream came from. It's a lesson to do exactly what you did and report anyway!

MartieCoetser profile image

MartieCoetser 11 months ago from South Africa

Unexpected adventure! But oh, realising that they are waiting to get rid of you, the witness, must have been chilling shock.

Yip, it takes only one experience to set the mind forever when it comes to gambling and shopping...

fpherj48 profile image

fpherj48 11 months ago from Beautiful Upstate New York Author

Good Morning Devika.....I'm sure under the same circumstances you would have called for the Police and fire squads as well......Women have a natural reflex to try to help. Have a great day!

DDE profile image

DDE 11 months ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

An incredible experience! You are brave to to have control over such a situation. I have no idea what I would have done thank you for sharing of your courageous mind.

fpherj48 profile image

fpherj48 11 months ago from Beautiful Upstate New York Author

Yes, Jodah....I couldn't see the fire trucks but I heard them arriving from the other end of the road behind me. I later read that they saved all but a small portion of the side of the house.....I also learned that the home owners had been on vacation. They did contact me a few weeks later to Thank me and offer me a which I gave my stock reply....."Thank you so much.....but just PAY IT FORWARD."

Glad you stopped by to visit & leave your thoughts.

Jodah profile image

Jodah 11 months ago from Queensland Australia

Wow! What an experience Paula. Scary stuff, did the fire brigade get there in time to save the house, do you know? At least, they caught the perpetrators red-handed and the people would get their stolen items back. You did well, and good on the police for being fast on the scene. At least, it provided exciting writing material.

fpherj48 profile image

fpherj48 11 months ago from Beautiful Upstate New York Author

Ha! Gee thanks Theresa....I don't think I felt awesome. In fact, I remember my conversation with myself quite well. "So, Miss Paula. thought you were going to have a pleasant, peaceful day to yourself, huh? Well, that's what you get for thinking! The next time, try taking the long, brightly lit, busy highway back home~~and stay out of the woods! You're not Little Miss Riding Hood!"......LOL

Glad you stopped by! Paula

Faith Reaper profile image

Faith Reaper 11 months ago from southern USA

My, goodness, I'm glad the police showed just in time and fast too ...just from your call, Paula! I can imagine how terrified you were. So happy you were and are safe.

I've called things in too when I see something suspicious, but then just go on my way without knowing the outcome or that anyone was arrested or caught.

Awesome woman, you!

fpherj48 profile image

fpherj48 11 months ago from Beautiful Upstate New York Author

Yikes! My computer is possessed. My reply to Val posted 3 times on it's own!! Spooky!

I LOVE "Blue Bloods!!" You & me baby.....We'd be a dangerous duo! LOL

fpherj48 profile image

fpherj48 11 months ago from Beautiful Upstate New York Author

Val.....Yes my friend.....seems the more I mind my own business, the more I trip over my own good intentions! Weird things happen to me all the time. I guess that's why I've learned to take it all in stride.

Trust me, these 2 clowns needed a safe place to live under supervision. I did them a favor!! LOL

Sunshine625 profile image

Sunshine625 11 months ago from Orlando, FL

Way to go, Effer!! What a story and experience! I was on the edge of my seat from the get-go!! I'm so proud of my SFAM in nabbing the bad guys! I bet you learned a lot from Blue Bloods, I love that show!!

ValKaras profile image

ValKaras 11 months ago from Canada

Hey Paula, you are my hero! Look what happens in life when we don't expect it at all, minding our own business. Before you know it, there you are sitting on a witness stand and helping a couple of idiots get a free accommodation in the jail. Good for you, you are a good citizen. It shook you up a little, but now it will be a special memory for the rest of your life.

fpherj48 profile image

fpherj48 11 months ago from Beautiful Upstate New York Author

What sweet things you and Ruby say.....Is one of you avail able for a date?? LOL LOL!

marcoujor profile image

marcoujor 11 months ago from Jeffersonville PA

Dear effer,

I understand that 'do what you have to do' mentality...and I'd pick you to be on my team every time.

I agree with Ruby are always worth the wait.

Love you and 'you go girl' hugs,


fpherj48 profile image

fpherj48 11 months ago from Beautiful Upstate New York Author

MzB....No, as it turns out, these 2 "stupid" criminals were lone drifters looking for some quick money. Throughout the day-long trial, I kept picturing them as those BOZOS from the "Home Alone Movie." Not too terribly bright. No gang of bad guys worth their salt would have allowed these 2 in the club!

I love the story about your chow. The Mayor should have honored your dog as a Hero!

fpherj48 profile image

fpherj48 11 months ago from Beautiful Upstate New York Author

Awww, Thanks bro, you're my Hero.........Nerves of steel? Yeah, OK. The first thing I did when I got home was change my drawers!!

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fpherj48 11 months ago from Beautiful Upstate New York Author

Well Jackie....Frankly, backing out down the road flashed through my mind for a split second. However, these roads are long, winding, bumpy and it was getting dark. Had I tried that, I think I'd have wound up in a ditch, a cow field or upside down. I have a tough enough time driving forward!

Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate your interest.

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fpherj48 11 months ago from Beautiful Upstate New York Author

Ralph....LOL. Funny, I wasn't really feeling "courageous." just being alert & responsible. It didn't occur to me the car would not continue to speed away from the scene of what I saw as possible foul play. I'm not even 100% sure why they slowed down or what they were doing.

BTW, the fire trucks arrived in time to save all but a small portion of the house.

I just recall never being so happy to see the police! Thanks for your comment.

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fpherj48 11 months ago from Beautiful Upstate New York Author

Frank &


Thank you both for stopping by. It was scary but it ended quickly, Thank Heaven and I'm not sure how brave I was~~it was one of those things I just did because I saw what I thought was the right thing to do in the moment. If I'd have thought ahead~~ I'd have hesitated.

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MizBejabbers 11 months ago

Glad you came through that OK, especially the possibility of those men having friends to come back at you. I'm sure those farmers were grateful to you. Thanks for writing about your experience. I've only experienced shoplifters being apprehended and some localized vandalism on my street. The closest I've ever come is siccing my dog on some thugs vandalizing my neighbor's truck. I knew the police would never arrive in time, so my chow bit a plug out of one's leg and they fled.

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billybuc 11 months ago from Olympia, WA

Way to go, Sis! If I'm ever in a jam and need backup, I'm calling my sister on the east coast. Nerves of steel and a code of ethics that would shame a nun...that's you, Sis! :)

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Jackie Lynnley 11 months ago from The Beautiful South

You were brave! I imagine I would have backed out of that place as fast as I drove in it! Glad you were braver though and these guys hopefully got all they deserved!

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RJ Schwartz 11 months ago from Idaho Falls, Idaho

It takes great courage to do what you did Paula. It's not too common in these days when someone is willing to step up and do the right thing. Glad everything turned out OK for you!

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always exploring 11 months ago from Southern Illinois

Wow, I can't imagine this happening to me. The time spent on that dark road, after you placed the call, had to be terrifying. Our world is so full of evil these days it makes me want to lock my door's and hibernate. Thanks for sharing your story. Boy, you do not write often, but when you do, it's exciting!

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Frank Atanacio 11 months ago from Shelton

witnessing a crime in progress can be frightening, although I heard people say it is exciting too, but I'll stick to the frightening.. thank you for sharing your story.. being a witness is frightening too especially if you have to testify.....

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