Bad service...

Bad service... is an evil that persists all over the world, in any industry. It can be found in virtually any and every establishment where the general public has access too.

It comes in very well disguised forms to covertly cover the bad service to greed... but this is not my idea with this hub.

I want to point out the real evil all over, in government, police, supermarkets... every where...

I went around and asked some questions about bad service and was astonished how many people experience it every single day of their lives. Gone are the days when your local shop or repair centre went beyond their "normal duties" to assist and help you to the best of their ability. I guess it's all about money in today's "modern world". I tend to agree with that statement because only the absolute essential "service/work" is provided in order to "please" the customer.

No way.... not any more....

The reasonĀ I wrote this hub is that some time ago I took my car to a local dealer for a service. Whilst it was there I also asked the attendant to have a look at a power issue, coz the vehicle was not delivering any power. I specifically asked for that because I know that they will come back to me with a lame excuse of some kind. Boy, did they amazed me with an excuse that it is only a 1.8liter engineĀ and that I can't expect any "real power" from that engine size. It was no surprise though...

Any how, I took the car into the dealer just beforeX-mas and after 2 days I had to phone them to asked if my vehicle was ready. Their response was yes that it was but certain things with regard to the power problem could not be resolved because it was X-mas time and spares could only be ordered before the new year, which to a certain degree I accepted...

the very next working day in 2010 I took my car back and was promtly promised that it will be done in 2 days. Much to my surprise I had to phone yet in again aftyer 4 days to find out what the problem was. Well eventually I could get my wheels back.

Guess what... with the very first accelaration I could feel that something was not right. I was in a hurry though, and without a car for 7 days already made me a bit anxious.

the very next day I took the darned Ford back and complained bitterly about the the car not performing. I was told I could bring it back on the 23rd when there was an opening and then they can have a look at it again. I almost exploded...


After the explotion...

Well after I was told that I could make an appointment again on the 23rd I caused such a ruckuss that they had a "look" again and determined that the problem was indeed the carburettor. Incidently I told them to have a look at the carburettor at the very first appointment before X-mas.

Ok, all said and done, new carburettor was ordered wich I'm still waiting for. It has been 10 days now. I think I will have to go through a tantrum again early on Monday morning.

To get back to the point of bad service... Its is amazing how many people just accept bad service. I have changed my attitude towards this and was asked by my kids on various accasions to just behave or shut-up...

No more, I want my service that I pay for and I want it immediately from now on...

I started a blog, and it's still in infancy but feel free to comment. there.

Let's take back our right to get service...

Please go and leave a comment at "Yucky service in abundance".

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rhartlandsberg 6 years ago

I wonder if you've ever worked in the service industry.

men are dorks profile image

men are dorks 6 years ago from Namibia Author

Its my bread and butter...

ethel smith profile image

ethel smith 6 years ago from Kingston-Upon-Hull

Happens far too often these days

BkCreative profile image

BkCreative 6 years ago from Brooklyn, New York City

Talk about culture shock - and this was returning home to the US - where poor service is the norm.

I had the pleasure of living and working in Seoul, S. Korea off and on during a 4 year period. Talk about the best service - no matter where I went, no matter which supermarket, restaurant, eye glass shop, distance train service, subways, spas, etc. etc. - and all the extras, even free services. One of the benefits too is that I was in my 50's and considered an elder. I was overwhelmed. Korea is a country that reveres its elders. Then I come home to the US where elders are regularly robbed, raped, murdered and the victim is blamed - as in 'well, she/he shouldn't have been out alone late at night,' and other such nonsense.

Poor service - you will not get my dollars. In this consumer oriented culture - the consumers need to take back the power!

men are dorks profile image

men are dorks 6 years ago from Namibia Author

way, way too often... Some places give me the funny look when I enter their premises, dont care though.... i want what is rightfully mine, period.

BK: I agree with you, its excactly the same in Germany, once saw a shop attendant referring a customer to their opposition just so she could be helped along the way, thats service, I dont mind to pay a dime or dollar extra, i just want my service...

Most of you are fairly fortunate in the northern hemisphere, come to africa and you will freak out...

Lynda Gary profile image

Lynda Gary 6 years ago

I'VE worked in the service industry, many types, for many years. And I've NEVER treated a customer in the way I find myself being treated far too often. NEVER. Sure, I've made mistakes -- I'm human -- but there's a difference between a mistake and "bad service." I'm with you on this one, dork: It's gone too far, and something needs to be done about it! On my part, I do my best to teach all of the young people I mentor HOW and WHY to treat their fellow citizens the way they would want to be treated, etc.

Here's my bad service hub: http://hubpages.com/hub/Choosing-a-Website-Host-A-...

Candie V profile image

Candie V 6 years ago from Whereever there's wolves!! And Bikers!! Cummon Flash, We need an adventure!

MAD! Great hub! A friend and I were just discussing this situation yesterday. There's a business up the street where a gal that works the service desk was complaining that she hated being at work.. always the same thing, day after day. Then I went to a lab to have an employment UA done and the lab tech was complaining that her work load was too large and, again, she was going to miss her lunch. Waaah! Incredible! Keep it up, maybe someone will get the message!

LIP profile image

LIP 6 years ago from United States

wow the elderly are raped? jeez. I understand its bad but dont put everything on the table. also OP its explosion not explotion. simple mistake when typing fast... nice article

Springboard profile image

Springboard 6 years ago from Wisconsin

Bad service has become so much the norm these days that the #1 leading cause of heart attacks is great service. ;)

Bekka123 profile image

Bekka123 6 years ago

Hi I have written a new blog if your interested xxx

FirstStepsFitness profile image

FirstStepsFitness 6 years ago

Wow great Hub ! I agree completely . . . also I would like to add that in any given crowd even outside the service industry there is a general ...rude , self centered , non caring population . I feel it has moved into the service industry .

I can recall when working in retail the employees were expected to greet anyone coming into or leaving the establishment along with asking if they might need assistance . No discussing personal matters on the floor or socially interacting with other employees on the clock. You were hired more for your customer service skills than your resume of skills .

atienza profile image

atienza 6 years ago from Northern California

I know this is late but I totally agree about bad service these days. Sometimes I walk into a store and the clerks act as though my very presence is an inconvenience. Never mind your money, potential future business or referrals to friends and family. They simply can't be bothered. Sometimes it's worst in small, privately owned business than it is in big chain stores. Maybe money doesn't talk anymore.

Ana Louis profile image

Ana Louis 6 years ago from Louisiana

It seems that America has been invaded with an epidemic of bad manners. Rudeness and indifference has taken over a once polite and caring nation. The only cure is for each of us to be the first one to smile and say thank you. And it is amazing if you give the other person a compliment or ask how they are doing like you really care, an attitude adjustment almost always occurs.

I know it sounds odd - especially in today's world, but even so, everyone is more likely to help someone they like as opposed to someone they don't like.

Just a thought.

Good hub.

Ana Louis profile image

Ana Louis 6 years ago from Louisiana

Dork, I started thinking about my comment and I do hope you did not take offense. I certainly did not mean to imply that you are not likable. You seem like a great guy and very likable. I was of course speaking in generally terms, and referring to no one in particular.

Thank for letting me get that off my chest.


Try being a woman and getting ANY service that is not condescending where auto service is needed.

men are dorks profile image

men are dorks 6 years ago from Namibia Author

No offence taken Ana.... Tx all

ashraf200915 6 years ago

nice work

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