The Trayvon Martin Murder Case

Trayvon as he was.
Trayvon as he was.
After his death, some friends sent messages to his Twitter account @ No Limit Nigga. This name was confirmed.
After his death, some friends sent messages to his Twitter account @ No Limit Nigga. This name was confirmed.

It has been a month since the tragic teen killing murder of Trayvon Martin, age 16-17, by Latino, George Zimmerman, a watch guard for small condo complex. The media is on this like a bee is on honey, often beating a dead horse with so much drama. Until now, it has been presumed that George was guilty of a hate crime made all the worse by the media using photos of Trayvon when he was 10 or 12, not 17. Does it make a difference? Yes. It misleads to one in thinking his true physical sense: Trayvon was 6 ft. 3 in. This is the media's fault. It does not excuse anything, though. Until now, we have only heard one story, that of the Martin's. Finally, the police have started to release bits of what Zimmerman has said to the police. This is pretty much opposite and contradictory to what the Martin's have been saying. Even the phone call from Trayvon to his girlfriend as it when down, is unclear as to who was screaming for help. The 911 operator instructs Zimmerman not to pursue the boy, clearly he does. Yet, we do not really know what did happen after that. A lot of shit obviously went down between a Latino man and a17 yr.old black teen in confrontation. Now we find out that Trayvon had been kicked out of school for weed. This really has no impact but for any repressed anger maybe Trayvon had from this event.

There is the alleged comments that Zimmerman said, "fucking coon", which would make it a hate crime. However, the audio is unclear enough to support what the listener seeks to hear. I have heard it and if you are thinking those words, the tape seems to confirm it, yet, as others stated, some think they are not the "coon" word.

Then, our black & white President, interjects himself into this stating he might have had a son like Trayvon. I think with that comment the President interjected race into it and squarely placed his support with blacks. As president of all colors, he should have simply stayed out of it, because he showed his own bias.

Now, the loon New Black Panther Party emerges with a $23,000 reward to capture Zimmerman. They claim to represent all people-as long as they are black-yet ignore the "white man" laws and disregard the wishes of the Martin family not to get involved. Obviously, this group is seeking the opportunity to take advantage of the media coverage.

According to Zimmerman, it was he that was attacked and punched by Trayvon, after he followed him to see what he was up to (he was a watchman), and they fell to the ground in a struggle as Zimmerman reacted and yelled for help before firing his gun. So, did this actually happen after Zimmerman had called 911 and after 911 told him not to pursue? Maybe, it is totally plausible for a 17 yr old 6ft. 3 in dude to confront Zimmerman once he noticed he was being followed. In the moment, both men exchange nasty words, one loses their temper and punches and they fall the ground in a struggle.

Could Zimmerman kill Trayvon in cold blood because he was black? It would seem proving this would be very difficult even with the word "coon". If Trayvon was walking through the condo complex and Zimmerman observed him, his duty as a watchman would be to report suspicious activity (totally subjective-I know), which he did. Yet, despite what 911 told him, he continued to follow-that is what his job was. Either Zimmerman began the confrontation trying to stop or calling Trayvon to stop, or, Trayvon noticed Zimmerman, stopped, and he began the confrontation-both were already on high anxiety. Both probably said incendiary words to one another which only aggravated both. Zimmerman probably told him to get off the property. Trayvon probably challenged that command in some way-teens often do that to authority.

One can easily see either account occurring. But, even so, the police department is lax for not releasing the police report within a week of the incident. Obviously, this tends to support Zimmerman's story of events, because, had the police thought Zimmerman was guilty, he would be arrested. Yes, I know. Many think the while police are covering up a black murder. Well, I am sure there are plenty of black officers on the force as well. Maybe it was them who responded to Zimmerman's call.

It is not knowing the truth that is spurring on this whole event, let alone the Florida law regarding last defense and guns.

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teaches12345 profile image

teaches12345 4 years ago

It is hard to tell what actually happened but I hope that the truth does come out. I am so sorry for the family that had to suffer such a loss.

carl klopfenstine 4 years ago

Liyin bunch of b"stards everyone knows the truth Zimmerman was afraid he would get his asskicked so he shoot the man dead !!!!!Not justice in any man's law !!!!

Sergio 4 years ago

In some degree we dont know when they came face-face but the puzzle fix trayvon coming out of his dad girlfriend house and walking to the store and getting skittles and ice tea and coming home like he said he would abd it was raining out side so trayvon put his hoodie on because it was raing and geroge is in his car or out of his car he calls it in and said these f------ people are allways get a way and the dispatchler said are you following him he said yea so they told him to get back in your car so he did not listen and ran after trayvon and you know the rest if not geroge dont have a security shirt on or a security jacket on or any thing tells you hes not a security watch man how would trayvon know who this person is and the lies that geroge is telling its not really hard to see what really happen its only one tging we dont know what was trayvon was saying to geroge and what was geroge saying to trayvon but geroge was wrong alot of things and lying to 5 lies that I listn in on

perrya profile image

perrya 4 years ago Author

@sergio, dude, ever hear about periods in a sentence! OMG, trying to follow is hard, but,I see your point.The whole trial will rest upon the moments before the confrontation. The question is, did Trayvon turn and confront Z,did Tray provoke Z into a response, or, did Z start the mess that got physical.

perrya profile image

perrya 4 years ago Author

Zimmerman is out on bail now, I hope there is not going to be a real murder now.

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