Abortion: A Pardoned Crime

Is it a crime?


            Abortion is simply defined as the stopping of pregnancy, in short, the killing of the fetus – taking away one’s life. There are many reasons why people engage to killing the fetus in a mother’s womb. They are:

                                    Being not ready yet to settle to a family life

                                    Financial and emotional instability

                                    Psychological problems

                                    Very young age


                                    Parental obstruction

Among the mentioned reasons, a problem roots to a common perspective, and it’s due to a mistaken-connotated love which has been connived with a wrongly-felt lust.

            Abortion is a pardoned crime. I know no case of detaining women due to performing abortion. Even the licensed doctors who do such crime are not detained; maybe because they are doing it secretly. A neighbor who allegedly points somebody who lost one’s life has no right of judging the latter due to the crime that she did.

            Aside from this fact, reality itself forgives those women saying “yes” to abortion. A 14-year-old girl who accidentally became pregnant is very young to be detained after performing abortion through her simple way. She is just bothered by the fact that she only thinks of the kind of life her offspring may get. Then it’s pardonable, right? What the girl can’t escape are the humiliating remarks she may hear from people who know nothing but to despise. Although in some sense, such a girl is really a suspect of indignity. Though, others are great because even if they got pregnant at a young age, they fear God that they bear the baby.

            On the other hand, abortion is a crime in a religious perspective, and it is not pardoned. The wrath of God is unfathomable. If death sentence in the government is against the church’s belief, abortion is no way different. Any attempt of taking away one’s life is definitely a crime. In an actual life, it is pardoned, but in the life after death, it is unpardonable, only then we would know the verdict.

            No matter, however people would debate on the idea of abortion, it’s for me, a grave crime. Pardonable or unpardonable, still it’s a crime. And the victims are the very young girls at age, and the very victims of all the jobs taken are the innocent fetus and babies killed without any reason of deprivation, why!

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