Abortion: A Religious Issue



The abortion issue is coming to the forefront yet again.  The question of abortion is a religious one.  It is not a question of law. It is not a question of right or wrong.  It is not an issue that can be solved simply by passing a law. It is basically a question of beliefs.

Planned Parenthood Federation of America is again under siege by the political far right.  Elements of the conservative religious right have made public a candid video of Planned Parenthood health care professionals counseling undercover operatives hired by anti abortion activists. The operatives were hired by conservatives to discredit Planned Parenthood.

The political far right is again seeking to impose their ultra conservative religious views upon the rest of our nation. It appears that many conservatives still have a hard time understanding that the United States of America is not yet a theocracy.

The issue of abortion is an issue that evokes strong emotions on both sides of the issue.  Emotions are so strong that murders have been committed in the name of the cause. Which brings to mind oxymoron phrases: We need war to have peace or I don’t believe in killing and I will kill those that do. 

As a catholic I personally do not believe in abortions. After the 2008 presidential elections our Bishop said that anyone that voted for President Obama could no longer receive communion because President Obama refused to denounce abortions. Well, I voted for President Obama and no longer attend church.  I still believe but no longer attend church.

Here is where I have a hard time understanding the reasoning of those that oppose abortions.  Most of those opposing abortions are ultra conservative Republicans. In fact the Republicans have made anti abortion a part of their national platform. 

What is the real agenda of the ultra conservatives? Do the Republicans want to change our country into a theocracy? If not then why do they insist on bringing biblical laws into our legal system? 

What is their point in picking and choosing which laws to adopt?  If they are indeed as dedicated to the bible as they profess to be then why not adopt all the laws as enumerated in the bible?  Why pick out two or three biblical laws to endorse and not the rest?

Controlling moral values by legislation does not work.  That is a proven given. Prohibition did not work nor did laws against homosexuals.  Laws against sodomy, prostitution and drugs are for the most part not enforced or ignored.

The conservative right would do well to pay more attention to their own behavior and not meddle in the behavior of others. 

It is extremely hard for me to believe that God is going to condemn me for the acts of my neighbor across the street.  It is equally hard for me to believe that God will not condemn me if I judge and punish my neighbor for committing a sin. 

The single most inalienable right a human has is the right to free choice. This right is applicable to all humans.  The conservative right purports to take this right away from those that would disagree with them.  

The Taliban place a limit on free choice.  This limit is sometimes enforced by the use of barbaric punishment such as stoning a person to death or brutal beatings.   Do we really want to endorse this form of punishment in the United States?

If you chose to condemn yourself to eternal hell fire and damnation, that is your choice. If you chose to freely obey the laws of your religion that is your choice. But do not force me to abide by a belief that I do not choose. Do not ask me to judge others and I promise not to judge you.

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HSchneider 5 years ago from Parsippany, New Jersey

I totally agree with you that free choice is key here. Conservatives continually preach for the liberals and Democrats to stop regulating parts of the economy and they preach laissez faire. They are hypocrites. Your comparison to the Taliban is an apt one. I firmly believe that if fundamentalist Christians were given absolute power, this society would be similar to Sharia law except it would be Biblical law.

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