what can i do about sexual abuse that happened years ago, and give my fiance the answers he needs.

I was molested/raped from the age of 9 until i was 19. i am 24 years old now, and have a little...girl of my own, and i believe he's done it to her to. she was 2 years old and complaining about papaw hurting her down there. we stopped allowing her to visit her mamaw and papaw, reported this to child services and nothing was done. i told my fiancee about what i had went through, and it%u2019s like he blames me. but he's not the only one, everyone that knows now, ask me why i stayed, i don't have an answer for that, but not once did i ever want my step dad to touch me. i never reported it to the

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cobrien says

5 years ago
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Denise Jackson (WHite Dove) says

5 years ago
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    Attikos 4 years ago

    White Dove, this is a superb response. Brava!

    Annaphilo, the only thing I would add to WD's remarks at this point is that, IMO, you should delay your wedding until this issue is happily resolved between you and your fiance.

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LeeWalls says

5 years ago
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    Tyesha Sewer- Matthews (TyeshaMatthews) 4 years ago

    I am apart of an ongoing rape/molestation case involving a man who was my uncles ex-wife's boyfriend. He knew I was Homeless and used me when i was 17 and 18. I came clean with my aunt about it but she blames me and her own daughters for it.

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Tyesha Sewer- Matthews (TyeshaMatthews) says

4 years ago
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    Denise Jackson (WHite Dove) 4 years ago

    Ty- Glad that you feel justified to prosecute, yet ask God for mercy. Keep courage in your heart. Your Aunt... when a person does NOT protect children from crime they are also guilty as the person who committed crime. You deserved to be protected!