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When a public official has been diagnosed with a mental disorder, should they resign?

Recently our county sheriff has taken a medical leave leave of absence for what he says has been diagnosed as manic bi-polar disorder. There are also questionable issues that have arisen through the grapevine as to payments made and paid by the counties insurance carrier for sexual harassment claims purported by a female officer. What actions do you think should follow it the accusations prove to be valid and do you think one who suffers from this mental disorder should be allowed to continue to hold such an important office even if treated successfully?

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Windclimber says

5 years ago
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Laura Schneider says

3 years ago
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Deni Edwards says

5 years ago
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geordmc says

5 years ago
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    Laura Schneider 3 years ago

    They should not resign unless they reject the laws of the US, which prevent prejudice against people with disabilities, including mental disabilities! (Refer to the ADA amendment to the US constitution). Your opinion is based on stigma, not facts.

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Dubuquedogtrainer says

4 years ago
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