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How do you view the United States?

The US have been drawing a lot of negative publicity, lately. What do you think of America? Are they friends and champions of peace or militaristic capitalists? All opinions following should be given proper consideration. Please don't flame for the sake of flaming...nor condemn opinions contrary to your own.

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Best Answer maddot says

4 years ago
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    Bill Russo (Billrrrr) 4 years ago

    Spoken like a true non American. We of the 50 states and Commonwealths are constantly punished for our deeds - both good and bad.

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LaDena Campbell (justateacher) says

4 years ago
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Sparkster Hubs (sparkster) says

4 years ago
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Bill Russo (Billrrrr) says

4 years ago
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Marturion says

4 years ago
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Zainnisar says

4 years ago
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ptosis says

4 years ago
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MelissaVsWorld says

4 years ago

Old Empresario says

4 years ago
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georgethegent says

4 years ago