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How does one locate a lost friend through the Internet?

About 8 years ago, I had a friend from Ghana, Africa and we used to write to each other at least once a month. I also met him personally and helped him a little as well and he helped me too. He has other friends as well that I know of and neither does he contact them. All I can say is that we were always good to him and yet he suddenly stopped writing and I never heard from him again nor did the others. I would very much like to contact him again. I know his address but he either moved or emigrated or.... what would you do in my place.

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watergeek says

4 years ago
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    Joseph Attard (NewHorizons) 4 years ago

    thanks watergeek. I'll do what you suggested. I think I've got a better chance on Linkedin considering his age and position. Regards.


KatrineDalMonte says

4 years ago
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