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Define cheating in an academic field.

If it is done overtly with the teacher's knowledge, is it really cheating? Ie: tests being given out for review and pictures were taken of each page, which subsequently became a study guide emailed to the entire class and the teacher. The teacher's focus the whole semester was team work and has made each member responsible for someone else in the class to get a passing grade. The student that made up the guide thought he was doing what the teacher wanted and is now on academic probation.

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Irfan (arksys) says

4 years ago
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TomBlalock says

4 years ago
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    meow48 4 years ago

    i can only add that the teacher gave the tests out for review purposes... see what you got wrong. this has been done for eons of time,even when i was a kid. but now with cell phones,photos can be taken. the student is guilty unless he can appeal.