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Do you think Conrad Black got what he deserved?

he's already out of prison and I think he should have gotten at least 15 years. Brinks guards can shoot you for trying to rob them and he stole more money then any Brinks truck carries , so why didn't he get more time?

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nightwork4 says

4 years ago
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    Lions Den Media 4 years ago

    The charge was fraud NOT -- robbery. Thus by definition robbery is NOT fraud. These are two totally different legal terms and acts. Fraud is a matter of opinion, robbery is a concrete act, even though both involve the same motive - money.

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Lions Den Media says

4 years ago
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  • John Holden profile image

    John Holden 4 years ago

    You think white collar crime is victimless! Wow.

    An individual illegally trades stock and makes $1 million, who does that harm? Only the people who no longer have $1 million.

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