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Is it unethical for celebrities to sell their children's photos for mind-boggling amounts of money?

It has been reported that Jessica Simpson has recently sold exclusive rights to her newborn daughter's first photographs to People magazine at a price tag of $800,000. Ms. Simpson is not the first celebrity to make this kind of deal; Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt made millions of dollars profit for sales of their children's photos, as did others such as Matthew McConaughey, Jessica Alba and Nicole Richie. Although celebrities have been doing this for some years, do you feel making big money for your child's photo is unethical?

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Best Answer Rayne123 says

3 years ago
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Becky Katz says

4 years ago
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ackman1465 says

4 years ago
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Emunah La Paz (swilliams) says

2 years ago
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    bethperry 2 years ago

    swilliams, I think that's a pretty cool thing to do, donate the sale proceeds. Thanks for sharing!