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Hey, okay so I got caught shoplifting at target. I decided to put makeup in my bag then I went to

Clothing section and pikk out some items to try them out. Then suddenly a security comes at me and ask if I need help with the makeup. I replyed no. Then he asked me what happen to all the makeup.And tells me to take out the makeup and if not I would go to jail. I panic and so I did. but he she still let me try on the cloth. As I walked it the fitting room she wasn't there anymore. And I still purchased a shirt. But the camera caught when I took out the makeup from my bag. Im so scared. I regret it so much! Should I be wrry? Like they ddnt take any of my information.What should I expect?help

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Ask Ashley says

4 years ago
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    Jessy9465 4 years ago

    Omgg thanks for replying. Yes I learned my lesson and won't be doing it ever again. It helped me calm down. But what about the cameras the camera was right in front when I pulled out the makeup from my bag??

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Joseph Addams (rockinjoe) says

4 years ago
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nightwork4 says

4 years ago
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