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What is the evidence of the trickle down effect of economics?

Many politicians claim that wealthy companies equal investment in the people. Is this the best method of mutual growth?

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CJStone says

4 years ago
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American Romance says

4 years ago
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    Ryan Buda (RyanBuda) 4 years ago

    I'm sorry, but you dodged the question.

    instead of redirecting, answer the question. Is there evidence that trickle down works? the wealthy have been doing really well for well over 20 years, isn't this trickle down in action?

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Keith Engel says

4 years ago
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    CJStone 4 years ago

    What's the good of HDTV when you are unemployed? The reason HDTV has come down in price is that it is made by slave labour in communist China. Trickle down economics was first promoted by the same people who failed to predict the credit crunch.

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