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Many people have been incarcerated and died during the prohibition days of the earlier 1900s.

Are those people turning in their graves right now, as we see how much we indulge in our alcohol nowadays (here in the west at least)? Prohibition obviously did not work then. With that in mind, seeing that dozens and dozens of people are dying weekly in Mexico now and many more are incarcerated all over North America, what will the legacy of this prohibition be? What will people say in a hundred years about the War on Drugs and how many lives it has claimed, with no avail for drugs can by no means be prohibited (because whoever is determined to use a drug, will eventually find that drug)?

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Wesman Todd Shaw says

4 years ago
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kallini2010 says

4 years ago
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    Mr. Happy 4 years ago

    Greetings Kallini,

    I never saw this question as large as the universe ... I actually think it is quite specific: drugs, jails and people dying ... We'll have to see about my questions 3 being incarcerated. Haha!! Thank You for the answer. Cheers.