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Can EU beat economic crisis? Yes they can I hope

Europeans are known for their Innovation and Invention.Without doubt they gifted great Inventions and discoveries to the world.After the WW-II they built European Union and started free trading Commerce and common currency Euro again they built Fortress Europe and a dominant force on Global map.Last century they had their colonies across the globe, assured source of raw material supply but they lost and third world emerged as a new bloc.If they cooperate with third world and coupled economically and offer technologies then they can come out of crisis.

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Neil Sperling says

4 years ago
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Lions Den Media says

4 years ago
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    Dmitry Kresin 22 months ago

    I wish I can click the BEST ANSWER for this comment.

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CHRIS57 says

4 years ago
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    Lions Den Media 4 years ago

    Chris: the Euro is the EU, therefore if he Euro collapses so to does the EU, the currency their only commonality. In the end its a balance of power and sovereignty issue. Productive countries will NOT relegate their citizens to slavery for the EU

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