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USA achieved inclusive growth? still short? comments welcome

I am an Indian ,i have not been to USA , but due to Hub-Pages available platform I am able to interact fellow Americans, it is nice to get information and advances of USA , interact with experts. Critiques say whatever, about present economic crisis ,But one thing of America I appreciate,They are not feudal, but most pragmatic and practical people. The total growth and development of every human in advanced economy is not a easy job.USA was built by migrants so multicultural USA ,inclusive growth is a big task.I think USA can do that and other countries have a guidance also.

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WD Curry 111 says

4 years ago
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    Pamela Hutson (CR Rookwood) 4 years ago

    I actually agree with you on this. So many jobs are just pounding out pennies by doing wrong things for someone else. I'd rather pull back, make do with less, have a real life.

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