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When did freedom stop meaning the right to do whatever you should?

I just have a hard time seeing some of these signs and even imagining myself on the same side as these people. Freedom of speech means the right to write and say whatever you SHOULD. People need to stop listening to other people's rendition of religions and ideaoligies and start listening to their own morals. Every religion and free minded philosophy in the world boils down to one word. Morality.

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Josak says

4 years ago
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    ColoFlynn 4 years ago

    "Hate" is a thing made up by humans. I would imagine these people would never go as far as to say that their God is human. So how then, would he even be capable of having this famous human attribute. The word God used to be synonymous with morality.

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ColoFlynn says

4 years ago
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    Attikos 4 years ago

    They're ideological exhibitionists with a ravening need for attention. The best response is to give them none. Eventually, they'll find another cause and different shock value postures with which to poke other people in the eye with a sharp stick.