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Should the presidential term be extended to 6 years?

I keep hearing that a president needs two terms to really get something going. If true, and we don't want a term to be 8 years because that is too long and a failing president could cause far too much damage in that amount of time, would a 6 year term be an answer? Pros and cons.

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lburmaster says

4 years ago
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    IDONO 4 years ago

    OK. I just don't like the idea that he spends one of those 4 years trying to get re-elected. Seems kind of wasteful.

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Sue St. Clair says

4 years ago
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    Daniel Brinker (darkland) 4 years ago

    Thanks, that was very informative, it's always interesting to see that past generations had relativity the same thoughts, feelings, and problems.

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Daniel Brinker (darkland) says

4 years ago
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Old Empresario says

4 years ago
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