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Do you think Thomas Menino (mayor of Boston) deliberately mangles names?

Yesterday Menino was talking about the great education in Boston and he mentioned that "Martha" Luther King studied in Boston. Sports seem to be his biggest. He has talked about "KJ" and "Hondo" (he meant KG and Rondo of the Celtics)Wes Wekler of the Patriots and Jason Veritek kicking a field goal to win the Super Bowl.He also got Rob Gronkowski's name wrong. I think he does it to get attention. He also has been known to mispronounce other words. He is not called "Mayor Mumbles" for nothing

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Jackson (Jack von Faust) says

4 years ago
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    billd01603 4 years ago

    The man is a crafty politician. After all , he has been mayor for 19 years. He will use anything that works and this gets him press

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Lisa HW says

4 years ago
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