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Will Romney Catapult the US back into the dark ages?

The world has already recently had to deal with the lunacy of one frightful republican president...Suppose the unimaginable were to happen and Romney was elected President - Would the US be taken back into the political dark ages and be again the laughing stock of the word?

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Linda Crist (lrc7815) says

4 years ago
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Mitch Alan says

4 years ago
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    Real Life Stories (Joe Cook) 4 years ago

    He he. Hi Mitch. I love to start with a broad brush stroke. It tends to instigate fiery reactions which then propel debate. I'm neither republican or democrat. But it's okay to admit if you are a republican. Welcome to the debate....

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Attikos says

4 years ago
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    Dennis L. Page (pagesvoice) 4 years ago

    It's 2012 and people who name call and use horrific labels have the audacity to complain about our educational system! My brother-in-law has Down Syndrome and my wife and I cared for him in our home. How dare you use such a horrible name.

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Miss Mimi says

4 years ago
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