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Why isn't the media commenting about the high price of gas?

The price of gas in New England is $3.85 to $4.09 for a gallon of regular gas. Where is the outrage? Why don't either of the presidential candidates comment on this? How does this help the middle class?

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Best Answer LandmarkWealth says

4 years ago
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    bankscottage 4 years ago

    Interesting, the price of oil didn't go up, the value of the dollar went down! I agree. This really hurts the middle class. Good thing the Fed announced a QE3 today. Soon, it may be cheaper to burn twenties than gas.

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flacoinohio says

4 years ago
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    flacoinohio 4 years ago

    We are being charged foreign oil prices for domestic oil in addition to oil prices being speculated. The guy that does the speculating works for the oil companies and is not accountable to anyone that is until the government needs to blame someone.


Jayfort says

4 years ago
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nightwork4 says

4 years ago
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