How much money do other countries owe the United States?

Any link or way to get the countries and the amount they are owing the USA. The USA owe many countries money amounting to trillions of dollars, and i want to see the countries owing the US. How can te US pay china the trillions they are owing them? How will the US pay them back? What will happen if the us is not able to pay back? I need answers please.

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JT Walters says

5 years ago
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thurmdx says

5 years ago
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H P Roychoudhury says

6 years ago
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pendell2 says

7 years ago
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  • Morgan378 3 years ago

    Well pendell2 - leading here to the question from bigmodo - "Did China ever pay the United States for all the help we provided them against Japan in WWII - to Mao AND Chiang?" - I doubted they had. Perhaps reconciling the "Books" is in order?


paythelandlord says

5 years ago
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