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2nd Presidential Debate - what points were made that you think are important?

I am not trying to play people against each other. I know my own view, but I am very interested in what other people think and why. I hear a lot which breaks down to who is going to spend the most money, and how. What were the points that you thought were most important?

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Best Answer My Esoteric says

4 years ago
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    Ken Burgess 4 years ago

    Obama's failure to accomplish getting a budget passed, to adjust taxes, to find compromise, is not going to change if he gets re-elected, his stubbornness to hammer things through his way will remain the same... unless the Dems hold a vast Majority

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Ken Burgess says

4 years ago
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PrometheusKid says

4 years ago
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Tempus Fugit (TempusFugit) says

4 years ago
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    My Esoteric 4 years ago

    What is missing? About the only thing you can't legally own from a gun show now-a-days is a nuke.