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Women. Do you want to be subserviant to Romney and Obama?

I heard in the debates how they want equal pay, equal hiring opportunities and equal treatment in the workplace. But then, (Romney especially) refered to a folder of women that he recruited when in fact it was a folder of resumes, by women, brought to him. But beyond the rhetoric, the moderator was a woman and they talked down to her, over her, and showed no respect for the instructions she laid before them. At one point, Romney held out his hand as to say, "shut up, Candy" Women, Vote for who walks the talk!

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kathleenkat says

4 years ago
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Attikos says

4 years ago
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    kathleenkat 4 years ago

    Rosanne scares me. I checked out her official campaign website, and she says that she wants to legalize ALL drugs, cut ALL military funding, and put ALL "violent Wall Street criminals" in jail. I would feel more subservient under her, than anyone.

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alphagirl says

4 years ago
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