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Do you think most plea bargains let criminals off with a slap on the hand or a jury trial justice?

After watching a few "I Survived" episodes and seeing news broadcasts of people stabbing someone 36 times and choking them receiving 6 yrs, a kidnapping/rape cutting off both of a teenagers arms and got 14 yrs (jury trial /served a little over half the time), and so many more. But because the victims didn't die the sentence was not anywhere close to the intensity of the crime (in my opinion), or is it sometimes because the prosecutor wants the quick plea bargain making the charges less than the actual crime committed?

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Yadiz (Yadiz Ortiz) says

4 years ago
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LoisRyan13903 says

3 years ago
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    Charlu 3 years ago

    Hi Lois I'm not really sure as to the dates but I think your right about the late 70's. It was on an episode of I Survived that I watched on Hulu and almost fell off the chair when I saw the time he did.

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Garifalia says

4 years ago
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