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Californians - What do you think of Proposition 32?

I keep receiving mail from proponents, whose arguments in favor don't make sense, knowing what I know about how corporations operate. The words do restrict both. But corporations don't use payroll deductions to acquire money for political donations. And union deductions are not forced, they're voluntary. I know union members who joined partly because they liked that their dues helped the union represent them politically. Seems to me that this proposition would hurt unions and leave corporations untouched. Why are unions being so attacked these days?

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Judy Specht (tirelesstraveler) says

4 years ago
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    watergeek 4 years ago

    I don't know exactly what the unions due. I've never belonged to one. I have two siblings who were teachers and both became union reps for awhile. Unions had nothing to do with laws that require teaching to tests or any of the rest you mention.

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Tempus Fugit (TempusFugit) says

4 years ago