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What will the election results be?

OK, let's see who has the real crystal ball (or is just a good guesser?) Who will win the popular vote and by how much? Who will win the electoral vote and by how much? Will there be legal challenges to whoever wins? Will there be riots? Give us the scenario you see happening.

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Best Answer kmaskreations says

4 years ago
  • cascoly profile image

    cascoly 4 years ago

    destruction of america? what about bush turning a trillion surplus into deficits from 2 immoral, unfunded wars? tax cuts that made america the most unequal country in the industrial world? it's amaziong obama has accomplished as much as he has

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Warren Samu (thegecko) says

4 years ago
  • ImKarn23 profile image

    Karen Silverman (ImKarn23) 4 years ago

    Wondering why my comment was 'hidden' due to 'negative input' when all it said was that Obama was going to win - by a landslide?

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Sheila (Conservative Lady) says

4 years ago
  • cascoly profile image

    cascoly 4 years ago

    despite republican efforts to curtail the vote, all states will allow voting until Nov 6th !!

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Amber (ambercita04) says

4 years ago
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My Esoteric says

4 years ago
  • Robephiles profile image

    Robephiles 4 years ago

    This is pretty close to right. I don't get how Republicans can be so smug when the statistics are making it very hard for Romney to win. And Ohio and Wisconsin have been leaning further to Obama slowly since the debates. Romney needs one of those.

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The Frog Prince says

4 years ago
  • tsadjatko profile image

    TSAD (tsadjatko) 4 years ago

    For those not as "senior" as we are Carter's defeat is the most lopsided defeat for any incumbent president in an election where only two candidates won electoral votes. Ronald Reagan beat Carter by almost 10 percentage points in the popular vote.

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Robephiles says

4 years ago
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cascoly says

4 years ago
  • Skarlet profile image

    Skarlet 4 years ago

    You mean like the whining and complaining left wingers did with Bush Gore?

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