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Have you seen any shenanigans while you were voting?

In Philadelphia, Republican election officials were being kicked out of democrat area polling places. In addition New Black Panther Party members were again seen at a PA polling place dressed all in black near the door. Meanwhile this huge Obama mural was at one polling place, according to a twitpic. I know the democrats are sneaky but I had no idea that they were willing to break laws in order to win.

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TSAD (tsadjatko) says

4 years ago
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    Cassie Smith 4 years ago

    As always you have a point tsadjatko. You would think that the obama administration's inabiity to follow the rule of law even as they try to rewrite it should be another reason not to vote for the dems and why it's important to expose Dem deceit.

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Cassie Smith says

4 years ago
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Warren Samu (thegecko) says

4 years ago
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