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Do you think Africa will ever compete on a level ground with the rest of the world?

We have seen the east catching up to the west in the form of Japan and China. AM just wondering, with the massive resources available to Africa will we ever make it?

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Best Answer mintinfo says

4 years ago
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grumpiornot says

4 years ago
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    CertifiedHandy 4 years ago

    You apparently sir, have never studied the classics. African kids are inventing human waste powered generators. African Americans are worth $1.1 trillion dollars which would make them the 16th. largest country behind Canada. Africa America & Afri

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someonewhoknows says

4 years ago
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    Cuttler 4 years ago

    Wow!Who knew poop could earn that much:) I totally agree with you.The future of the continent is truly in the hands of the young. provided the old guard do not tarnish the minds of the young with corruption , tribal politics and low self esteem