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A question on solving negotiations.

Imagine if you and I were arguing about something. There are...say...three main points. On points A and B, we completely agree. On point C, we disagree. Again, WE ALREADY AGREE on points A and B. We disgree on C, and I respect your opinion. Hopefully, you respect my point of view as well. Now here's my proposal: Why don't we just move forward on A and B? WHY DON'T WE MOVE FORWARD ON THE ISSUES WE ALREADY AGREE ON? For the record, yes, I am talking about the Fiscal Cliff. This is just getting ridiculous... (I'm sure there's more to it than I realize. I humbly request your opinion.)

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MrBecher says

4 years ago
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    aykianink 4 years ago

    I feared as much. But doesn't that imply that once this is done, it can never be revisited again? Couldn't it just be, "Here's A. Here's B."

    Then a few months later. (Or days.)

    "Alright, we realllllly gotta talk about C again, guys."

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How to Be Great at Negotiating91

How to Be Great at Negotiating

22 months ago
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aykianink says

4 years ago
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Old Empresario says

4 years ago
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