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"We're all well armed up here." If you were a criminal, would this make you find unarmed targets?

The Mayor of Big Bear said this earlier today when speaking in reference to the possibility that the ex-cop Christopher Dorner could be in Big Bear. My first thought when I heard this was that it had to be a diversion because I've lived in Lake Arrowhead and visited Big Bear and made a few friends that were very well armed. I would think the ex cop would know this and not be there long, if he was ever there at all.

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Best Answer lburmaster says

3 years ago
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d.william says

3 years ago
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    H C Palting (Express10) 3 years ago

    It seemed like they Mayor stated the the obvious but I agree that it would probably not instill fear in anyone that is not afraid of dying. As for gun laws, I'd rather not have them whittled away, they only apply to those who abide by the law.

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Michael Ward (CrescentSkies) says

3 years ago
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