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Is Portman (R- Oh) another sign that the Republican Party is falling apart?

Here we go again. Portman is now in favor of gay marriage, since he found out his son is gay. Like he didn't know 4 months ago while coaching Romney for debates. And in 4 months, his moral views of gay marriage did a 180. If his son's stomach growls, maybe he'll be in favor of more food stamps. This is typical. Again, cut programs. As long as they don't effect mine. Maybe the 47% are good people after all. I'm independent and think their party better clean their own house before telling me how to clean mine and expecting my vote.

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junkseller says

3 years ago
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LandmarkWealth says

3 years ago
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    IDONO 3 years ago

    Space was factor in my ?. Crazy abortion statements during campaign. Christy for Obamacare. Rubio thrown under bus for rebuttal. Now Portman. Their causes may be good, but they seem to undo what they do. It only takes a few to make them look bad.

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