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Do you think gun shows should be banned from public buildings?

Due to recent shootings and concern over assault rifles, an annual gun show has been discontinued in a nearby city. It will result in the loss of considerable revenue which has traditionally gone toward local city operating funds.

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Doug (djashburnal) says

3 years ago
Alberic O profile image79

Alberic O says

3 years ago
  • cat on a soapbox profile image

    Catherine Tally (cat on a soapbox) 3 years ago

    Hello Alberic, Thank you for the clarifications here. I have never been to a gun show. The public didn't have a say. The ban was proposed by a councilman and decided by city council. The vote was nearly tied.

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ChristinS profile image93

Christin Sander (ChristinS) says

3 years ago
  • Jack Burton profile image

    Jack Burton 3 years ago

    Christin doesn't know that all sellers of all guns at a gun show must abide by all local, state and federal laws concerning the selling of guns... and all buyers of all guns at a gun show must do the same exact thing. But she comments anyway.

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