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What do we learn by allowing/disallowing gun ownership, death penalty, slaughterhouses, abortion?

I’m not here asking for the right or wrongness of these choices, I’m asking for honest observation about what we accept as a race by allowing or disallowing these examples. What do we learn? How is our behavior modified when for personal reasons, for extreme situations or simply for convience, we choice one side over the other? Do choices on these examples give us a more honest or fearful or compassion or warlike consciousness, and then how does that affect the whole world in regards to killing and callusness in general or specific issues like Iran or surrendering U.S. rights or entitlements

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Jack Burton says

3 years ago
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Mike Marks says

3 years ago
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    Jack Burton 3 years ago

    Is this an audition for a TV show about a young, speechless kid that sees connections that no one else in the whole world can see but him? It's been done already with Sutherland.

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karl (Silverspeeder) says

3 years ago
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