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What do you know about Libertarians?

In a sentence or two, please share that you think Libertarians are/believe. If you are a Libertarian, I am open to hear what you believe.

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LandmarkWealth says

3 years ago
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Attikos says

3 years ago
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    Marsden4 3 years ago

    In the UK proper punctuation has ideologies given lower cases, but people's ideologies capitalised. e.g. communism and Communist.

    The asker never specified the party in the question, aside from the picture. Perhaps a clarification is in order?

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Marsden4 says

3 years ago
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    Brian (ibbarkingmad) 3 years ago

    I leave the interpretation of the punctuation up to you the reader. Some people view libertarians & Libertarians as the same group. While others do not. I just want to know your impressions & what you know/think you know about them.

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Cw Sanders says

3 years ago
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