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Will the Republican Party, as we know it today, go the way of the Federalist Party of old?

The Federalist Party self-destructed in the early 1800s by holding untenable positions, supporting Britain over France, industrialist over the farmer, rich over the commoner and being an exclusive party, driving all those who disagreed with it out of its ranks. Jefferson, the head of the Democratic-Republican Party broadened the ideological base to accept the disaffected Federalists. Personally, I see the Conservatives doing the same thing over social issues, do you?

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LandmarkWealth says

3 years ago
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3 years ago
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dashingscorpio says

3 years ago
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    My Esoteric 3 years ago

    Absolutely right on the second Republican Party; the first became the Southern Democrats you mentioned, as did the fourth (current one). The third was from around 1900 to 2004.

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