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Why won't the government secure the border?

It makes no since to me why there is such a controversy over securing our border. Common since tells me that we already have millions of illegal aliens in our country now who are draining our medical system, paying no taxes, using our school systems, catered to by business writing everything in Spanish when I thought we were an English speaking country. All an illegal has to do is have a child here and they get benefits. What is wrong with this story! I am personally tired of paying for people who don't belong here legally!!!!

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Thief12 says

3 years ago
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IslandBites says

3 years ago
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    Zipper (ZipperConstantine) 3 years ago

    illegals = anyone who comes across American borders without legal documentation.

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Attikos says

3 years ago
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    JON EWALL 3 years ago

    ''It cannot. '' how often do we hear '' we are a nation of the rule of law'' FROM OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS IN WASHINGTON.The SOLUTION is to enforce the law?1986 IMMIGRATION LAWS OF THE USA TODAY?

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Justsilvie says

3 years ago
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  • Justsilvie 3 years ago

    Very true, but profits are number one in this situation, not people . Plus like many other developed nations , citizens often feel they are above doing the jobs these people will do for a fraction of the money.