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Can West maintain lead and edge over emerging nations in science ,technology, innovation?

I have come across books of Joseph Stieglitz ,Dambisa Moyo ,Book How West was lost out They predict fall of west in manufacturing sector.She said process of de-industrialization already begun,service industries are more preferred by youth in the west.they dismantled their steel, chemical industries for reasons. China and India are new competitors and youth in these countries prefer Engineering as career. Long back US presidents have scientific and engineering background and boosted economy.In the west engineering industry called as" old " Once UK had lead in research in all sectors.Comments!!

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Tom Ware (Tusitala Tom) says

3 years ago
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    pramodgokhale 3 years ago

    Thank you Sir, Earth Empire and Level playing field certainly your balanced views I like


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Amethystraven says

3 years ago
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